Still a Mom

"Say, Ma," Peter began tentatively, "Do you remember how you used to spank me  when I was a kid?"

"Of course I do, but you have to remember that was a different time. And you know I never spanked you often and only when you left me no choice.?" Loretta responded a bit defensively.

"Sure I do." 

"Well I hope this isn't one of those conversations I hear a lot about lately where parents are being confronted by their adult kids because they spanked them when they were younger. Because you know............."

"Ma!, Stop. No that's not why I asked at all. I'm not preparing to accuse you of raising me badly or being abusive. Far from it, you were and still are a terrific mother. I know there were Moms who spanked and some who didn't and I just always accepted that I had one of the Mom's who spanked. It certainly wasn't that unusual. Heck, the non-spanking Mom's were the minority back then. No, I wasn't complaining, I just was thinking about those days and wondered if you remembered them?"

"Sure I remember them. We had a big open kitchen and I kept a wooden spoon in the middle drawer. If you were going to get a spanking I would take that spoon and slide one of the kitchen chairs back near the oven and then call you over." Loretta grinned while continuing, "You used to fancy yourself quite the toughie, but when I called you to me, you'd start crying even before I took your pants down. You always waited until it was too late to apologize. Still I never spanked you all that hard. I didn't need to. You seemed to get the message pretty quickly, so I'd just sting your little bottom until it was pink and then send you to the corner."

"I remember that. I remember shuffling my feet with my pants around my ankles sniffling and crying all the way to the corner."

"Yes, then after a bit you'd calm down and all was forgiven and we'd end up laughing and playing.....usually with those oversized plastic soldiers and cowboys you kept in a big plastic basket."

"I remember you sitting me on your lap afterwards as well. I still remember how sometimes, depending on if it was summer and you had shorts on, my tingly bottom felt the prickles of the hairs on your legs."

Loretta laughed. "Yeah, there was no waxing back then."

"After a while, you didn't spank me anymore."

"Well as you got older, I did spank you a couple of times but those as I'm sure you recall were a bit more spontaneous and almost always the result of an overactive attitude. By then the wooden spoon was replaced by my hairbrush. I think you got the last one when you were about 10 or 11."

"For refusing to clean my room."

"Uh huh, you told me you were on strike."

The two laughed at the memory before Loretta continued, "But after that, you are right, I did stop. You were getting older and times were changing too. Grounding and taking away privileges was the new method. Then the spanking Mom's became the despised minority."

Peter nodded reflectively.then took a deep breath. "If times didn't change, if spanking was still accepted, would you have still done it?"

"What do you mean?"

"If things had stayed the same, would you still see a benefit to spanking instead of other punishments? Like when I was older and you'd ground me, did you ever think you'd rather just get down to business and spank me like you used to?"

Loretta thought back and admitted "There were a few times when you really upset me that I really wanted to put you over my lap and take you down a peg or two. I'm not sure if it would have been a good idea or not, but I was certainly thinking it. Why?"

Peter breathed hard as Loretta saw him flush. "I....uh,.......I was wondering if ...........if .........uh, OK, suppose I told you that I felt that I needed a spanking and wanted to know if you'd do it?"

"What? Spank you now?" Loretta startled.

Peter blushed even deeper. "Um, Yeah. I know it sounds strange........"

"Yes it does sound strange." Loretta admitted. 

"Ok, yeah I suppose." Peter concluded as he hung his head in embarrassment and disappointment. "Never mind then. It was probably a silly thing to ask. Sorry."

Loretta read her son's face and interjected, "I didn't say I wouldn't do it, I merely said it was a strange request to hear from a grown son. But speak your mind. Why do you want me to spank you? You must have a pretty good reason to bring something like this up."

"Let's just say I think it could be kind of therapeutic. This has been a stressful year for me with the divorce and moving and all and I feel very disjointed. I was thinking that a spanking from you could settle me and perhaps give me an outlet for the stress I've been feeling. Maybe I could feel that 'clean slate' feeling again?"

"So, it wouldn't be a punishment for anything then? Nothing you've done you feel guilty about?"

"Well, that depends." Peter began, "It is certainly a sense of discipline that I am seeking, a punitive way back on the right path. And if it would make doing it easier for you, I am sure we could find something specific in my long list of past faults that could be used to justify a spanking.......... but overall I don't feel guilty about anything in particular. I just want to feel the control of a caring sort of authority."

"Yes, I suppose we could all find faults with ourselves now that would at other times have earned us a good spanking. None of us is perfect. But I am not sure we need to concoct an offense. If I was to consider this, I'd rather think of it as something you feel you need and just keep it that simple. The end result wouldn't be much different whether we have a specific misbehavior to deal with or not. But still, I'm not so sure this plan of yours will work. And I'm not so sure this is a good idea. But let me think about this, OK?"

The pair agreed to think about the offer and not make any impetuous decisions either way.

Later that day, troubled by her son's strange request, Loretta called her best friend Carol. Blunt and feisty, Carol was a woman Loretta would trust with her life. After an obligatory warning that what was about to be discussed was both confidential and odd, Loretta explained what Peter had asked her.

"So what are you going to do?" Carol asked.

"I'm going to refuse, of course."

"Really? Well that's up to you. If you do though, you can tell Peter that I'll be happy to do it instead."

"What?" Loretta challenged.

"You heard me." Carol retorted in her typically direct manner."Your son is a handsome young man, and I'm a 68 year-old widow. I certainly wouldn't mind having his young buns across my lap."

"You're terrible! This is my son we're discussing. And here you are turning it into something sexual."

"Well for me it would be. Well a little anyway. But tell me: Is it for you?"

"No, of course not. He's my son."

"But isn't that what you are afraid of? That either he or you see this as something sexual and therefore taboo?"

Loretta realized that this was exactly what she secretly feared and in a low voice admitted it to her friend.

"Well, think of this: Peter is a handsome young man. And now he's single again. If he wanted to play spanking games he could ask any willing young lady and I'm sure he wouldn't have to look far. If not, there are all sorts of other places he could go and pay someone to do it. And of course, he could come to me for free." Carol added to lighten things up. "But," she continued, "he came to you, instead. As embarrassing as it must have been for him, he confessed this to you...his Mother. What does that tell you? Does it look like he's seeking something sexual in this? Or does he trust you enough to help him with this sudden need to feel a bit more accountable? Were your past spankings something fun that he enjoyed? Or did they hurt and make him regret whatever he did wrong? "

"I see your point."

"And if you refuse, and this need grows, where do you think he'll go next? Do you really like the idea of your boy possibly paying some professional dominatrix to pretend to be you?" Carol sighed. "Look I know the idea is a bit weird, but hell, Loretta, we're all weird. Who knows where half of the ideas we wrestle with come from? But if you ask me, quirky as it a pretty tame thing when you get right down to it. You say you spanked him as a child. Well he's still your child despite his age....and it sounds like your boy..your child........ may be in need of one more spanking. A simple spanking, nothing more. One that he.....a consenting adult....asked for. Besides, what's the worse that can happen?  Say you do this and it doesn't work out to be what Peter hopes. He ends up with a stinging behind and a bit of embarrassed disappointment......... and you?  You end up at least knowing you tried to help." Carol heard Loretta murmur in understanding as she continued. "But suppose it does work out for Peter? It could help him feel reconnected with you in a way that neither of you felt in years."

"You may be a gruff old bird, Carol, but you aren't stupid."

"Is that your way of complimenting me?" 

"Take it or leave it."

"Coming from you, you hard-nosed old Pollack, I'll take it. It's probably the best I'm gonna get. So what are you going to do?"

"I think I'm going to do it."

"Good for you." Carol barked. "Damn, and here I went and blew my chance to have that boy wriggling across my lap. At least let me know how it went OK?"

"Oh shut up." Loreta snapped without malice, and the two chuckled. "But, yeah...I'll call you."


Late the next morning Peter answered his phone. It was his Mother and she had some news for him.

"After you left, I thought it all over and the more I thought about it the worse the idea seemed. I thought of all these reasons why this would probably be a bad idea and was left with that conclusion. I decided I would call you this morning and say "no". But oddly when I made my decision to refuse, I suddenly felt disappointed. It was an odd thing, but somehow I felt like I should just go ahead and spank you but just felt it was irresponsible or wrong. So..." Loretta opted to leave out her discussion with Carol and embellished her story accordingly,".........I decided to sleep on it and this morning as I was preparing to call, I still felt that same disappointment. I felt like I was passing up a chance to do something that perhaps we both wanted. I rethought things and changed my mind. I figured if I felt better about saying yes than saying no then I should probably go with that instinct and not my laundry list of objections. So I think that if you are still willing ......perhaps I could oblige you. Afterall, the consequences of this little adventure are going to affect you far more than me. My part is pretty easy and painless. But if it is what you want, I am willing to give it a try even though I am not sure you are going to get what you are looking for."

"I don't know either, but I do know I want to try. I know they say: "you can't go home again" and that is sort of what I'm looking to do, so you may be right, I might not get anything out of this other than a sore behind, but I feel like I need to try. Regardless of the outcome, I want to do this."

"Well, so do I. As weird as this sounds, I feel better about agreeing than refusing. Maybe we're both a little strange?"

"Perhaps. Insanity is genetic."

The two laughed.

"Well, now that you've agreed, when do you want to do this?"

"That is up to you, hon."

"Um, Ma,"Peter stammered slowly, "Let me ask you a question. You did say you remember the times you spanked me?"

"Yes, I remember most of them.Why?"

"Think of how you felt. Did you ever ask me when it would be convenient? I am asking that you take charge just like you did then. I am hereby officially forfeiting my adult rights and privileges with you, OK?" he added with a nervous chuckle."You are definitely in charge."

Lorettta immediately understood. Her son was seeking her discilpline and she was acting like she was going to make his favorite dinner. "Your point is well taken." She replied a bit more sternly. "You need to recall that it has been a long time since I saw you as a bad boy in need of a spanking........" she paused with new realization......" but that is really what you are right now, aren't you?"

"Yes Ma'am."Peter replied in a hoarse nervous whisper. "That is pretty much how I feel."

"I see." she replied slowly, her mind working feverishly to process what was transpiring. It took a bit of effort to break past stereotypes and habits formed in recent years. Her son, despite his current age was still her son, and as such it wasn't too hard to see him as he once was. Afterall he was still the same person. In some ways he really wasn't very different from the boy he used to be. Now he was just in need of being a little bit more of her son the boy than her son the man. Loretta felt her mindset reverting back to the strict but caring mother she had been many years before. It wasn't difficult once one cut through the unimportant trappings of her son's adulthood. It had been much harder to let go of the child when he became an adult than it was now to retake parental control and authority. "Then we better take care of things right away." She declared decisively." I need to do a few things but I think you should meet me at my house at 3 today, Keith. No excuses. You may have been the one to ask for initiate it, but now I'm afraid the matter is out of your hands. Since you asked for me to take control, I will. And as for the discipline you feel you need? Well, now that you've asked for it, you are most certainly going to get it no different than you got it before."

"Yes Mom." Peter replied in a tone his mother had not heard in quite a while.

After hanging up, Loreta blinked at the realization of just how quickly she had come to accept the strange request her son had made only a day earlier. The very real prospect that this quirky experiment was not going to turn out as her son had hoped momentarily saddened her. The desire to regress to a more simple and innocent time tempts everyone but too often the journey back in time is as impossible as trying to skip to one's future. Perhaps Peter would find what he was after........perhaps not. At least she hoped he would. These sympathetic musings did not surprise her though. What did surprise her was how she felt about spanking her son. She had never shied away from doling out a spanking when needed, and she never felt guilty about reddening Peter's bottom, but she never looked forward to it either. Today she was a bit eager. Despite the sincere desire for something beyond the basic ritual and sting of a spanking, there was an inescapably humorous undercurrent in the situation......especially given the fact that her son was an adult and that he himself instigated his own predicament. She recalled how eager Peter had been to finally be emancipated from parental authority, and how he seemed so willing now to hand himself over to it again. She wondered how many smacks it would take for him to question the wisdom of his choice. Peter's desire to go back in time was naively sweet. And his grand experiment in time-travel was based on a spanking. A spanking that Loretta knew had to seem much more appealing in Peter's imagination than it would inevitably turn out to be.She could not imagine her son being brave, stoic, and sentimental once her hairbrush got going. That thought was ironic and unmistakably comical. 

It seemed to take forever for 3 o'clock to arrive. When Peter got to his Mother's he was as nervous as he used to be when he knew he was going to be spanked. He began to think the idea foolish. Silly. Once inside he greeted his mother and told her about his change of heart, awkwardly laughing off the idea as a crazy scheme that seemed like a good idea at the time but probably wasn't. Loretta hugged the fumbling man-child and expressed her sympathy. She told her son that she fully understood how he must feel but that it was far too late now for cold feet. He was going to be spanked, plain and simple, and if his attempts at wheedling out of one didn't work when he was 10 they certainly weren't going to work now. Peter blinked, a bit shocked at his Mother's reaction, but her calm no-nonsense refusal to accept this admittedly insincere change of heart put him in his proper place. Already he was beginning to feel like the guilty brat who got caught and was unable to wrangle out of a punishment.Peter apologized and thanked his Mother for sticking to her guns Loretta accepted the apology without fuss. Then she flatly stated that this whole issue was becoming much too overblown with incessant analysis.  It was just a single little spanking afterall not the purchase of a house. It was now time for less talk and more action.

Loretta had decided to spank her son exactly as she always had: right over her lap with a hairbrush applied to a bare bottom. Peter nervously undid his pants when told and with an embarrassment long forgotten pulled them down along with his briefs. Before going over the waiting lap, he expressed concern for his Mother's ability to support him at their respective sizes and ages.

"The day I can no longer put you across my knee is the day you can plant me in the rose garden." Loretta snapped. "Now no more stalling, young man, or you'll get two spankings instead of just one."

Peter obeyed again startled at the remarkable transformation of his mother and waited over her lap much as he did as a child.............worried but compliant. He remembered what it was like to be off balance and staring at the floor the air on his exposed bottom accentuating his vulnerability. Meanwhile, Loretta was reaffirmed in her earlier feelings. Time had added maturity to her son's bottom. It was now  full grown and angular with a smattering of dark hairs trailing along the inner cheeks, but overall it was still the bottom she knew so well. Still shaped the same. Still the same pale peach color. Still indented with the same distinctive dimples at the lower back, and of course still  sporting two signature beauty larger than the other..........just off-center on the left buttock. Yes, this was her boy......the same she once diapered, bathed, and spanked......just a way bit older....just like her. She twirled her hairbrush a couple of times and addressed her son.

"OK, you know why you are here. Now I expect the same behavior from you now as ever before. There will be no hands trying to block the brush, no crazy flailing about, and absolutely no attempts to get off my lap until I say so. Otherwise you can yelp to your heart's content."

"Yes Mom." came the cowed reply.

Loretta smiled and began to punish the behind perched across her at a determined pace and severity that soon had Peter kicking and yelping like he used to. No. Not much had changed really. The brush still performed admirably. A few extra years added no magic immunity to her boy's bottom. The unprotected cheeks jiggled when hit just as they always had before. They pinkened and grew warm at the same rate. Yes, there was no doubt that a spanking from her was still an effective punishment. She even secretly predicted precisely when her distressed penitent would begin to plead for mercy in exchange for promises of better behavior. Despite her love for her son, she could not help a reflexive chuckle when her 40 year old son kicked his feet like a swimmer desperately whining "Please Mommy, I'll be good. I'll be good." exactly as he did when he was 10. These  promises never spared him before and they wouldn't save him now. Although, back then, Loretta would only spank a bit more to make her point and then stop. Today she had a much older and tougher 'boy' to deal with and she was determined to spank him accordingly....besides she wanted to make absolutely sure there was no mistaking this spanking for something enjoyable. Because of this concern, she was fully prepared to spank her son quite a bit harder and longer than ever before. Hopefully quite a bit longer than he would have ever wished or desired. After the kicking subsided, Loretta watched as her victim panted after going a bit limp. He was flopped over her like a rag doll now and just made wincing little grunts as she struck with the hairbrush. She slowed her pace.

"So..................." she began in a tone of one adult to another, "is it what you thought?"

"Yes and no, Ma." Peter replied between swats."I guess I had forgotten how much spankings hurt. And believe me, this one really hurts. But as far as feeling reconnected with my childhood? I think being spanked strips us right down to a core we can never fully outgrow."

"I can see that." Loretta smiled. "As for the sting? Well that's the whole point of a spanking." she added smacking the sore rear for emphasis.

"OW! I suppose." Peter grudgingly admitted adding "And I have to say you did a fine job. My butt feels like it's glowing!"

"It is. But I'm afraid we're not quite finished."

"Oh come on. You can't be serious, Ma." Peter whined.

"Oh yes I am. Remember, this wasn't my idea. You asked for this, mister, and insisted that I take charge. Well, I have and I say when you've had enough....not you. Any objections?"

Peter blushed as he shook his head. "No Ma'am. You are absolutely right. But I have to admit I can't believe I asked for this."

"Good. That's as it should be. A spanking from me shouldn't be something to look forward to. Now settle down. I intend to fan your glow into a fire to drive that little point home. Then you can shuffle yourself into that corner with your bottom truly ablaze. Here goes," Loretta warned gently. Knowing the experience was working for her son helped a bit to relieve her own guilt at enjoying what she was doing. She relaxed with the satisfaction that her son was utterly complicit in his predicament.'And....' she thought to herself, 'if a sore bottom was what he really had wanted, a sore bottom he would now get.'

Peter no longer yelped, but merely moaned and whimpered as his mother pummeled his bottom with forceful wallops. She no longer spanked in flurries as before. Only when he seemed too complacent did she rouse him with repeated smacks to one cheek at a time. When she did this, Peter would clench and stiffen until the barrage ended. After about 60 or 70 smacks, Loretta paused to evaluate her son's behind. It looked far worse than any she ever recalled. Not merely pink, his cheeks sported twin splotches of red, each patch hot and slightly swollen. This was a bottom that would be tender for a while. But she wanted to make absolutely and positively sure Peter ended up feeling punished rather than indulged. As such she launched into a final attack that was hard, swift and practically merciless. Peter resumed his pleading without any shred of shame or reservation.."Please Ma. No More Please. Ouch ! Oh Ow!" loudly and almost panicked, kicking for all he was worth until Loretta was convinced he was definitely not having the least bit of fun. Then once the buttocks were utterly raw and blistered, she stopped. She patted his hinder and told him to get up and to head straight for the corner. He did so chugging his pants along in an embarrassing locomotive-like procession to the final humiliating destination. There he stood nose to the wall for what seemed like an eternity pondering all that transpired. Even now with the immediate pain of the spanking over and just the radiating heat and sting as reminders, he realized how foolish he must look. A grown man, sniffling in the corner of his mother's house with his recently spanked bottom on flagrant display. And what a bottom! The spanking had been far worse than anything he had imagined. Outside the world continued along as it always did, the sounds of cars and bright sunshine around him as testimony to the disparity between his adult life and his current state. He pondered all this until a voice startled his musing.

"So, what do you think?" 

"Actually, Ma, I'm thinking a lot of things."

"Hmmm . I am not surprised." Loretta replied. "But what about the experiment? Was it a success?"

"Yes definitely. I haven't felt this way in ages. I feel contrite but absolved. Punished but loved. My butt may be sore, but inside I feel calmer."

"Well then I am glad I agreed to this."

"Me too. Thanks, Mom."

"You're welcome, dear. And now that I know this helped you, I can give you a promise and a warning that I'd have no problem doing this again if needed." Loretta smiled with a slight playful scowl.

"You mean if I asked , you'd do it again?"

"Well....." Loretta began, "Certainly if you asked, but more importantly if I decide you need one. I am still your mother and it seems that some things don't change with age. I had given up my rights to punish you a long time ago, but you handed them back to me today. And since you yourself admit you have benefitted from all this, then it is my decision as your mother to reinstate spankings as a handy option when you don't act as you should. Now, I suppose from a purely practical standpoint, you could refuse, but I don't think you want to. Do you?"

"No, Ma'am." Peter murmurred while blushing. "No, I really can't refuse. It just wouldn't seem right. I trust you, Mom. I don't care how silly it seems to anyone else, or even how strange it may actually be. I am at a point in my life where I need your direction and discipline once least for a while..... and I'd be crazy to refuse it. No, Ma, I agree. Spank me whenever you decide it's warranted. I admit that in many ways I'm still feel like an undisciplined boy, and I guess you are still a Mom who spanks."

"A bit strange at our our ages, but true." Loretta admitted with a brief side-hug. "But look, enough talk, young man, you have a bit of corner time to do. No rubbing, no fidgeting. Nose front. Remember, I can see you and I doubt you want your next spanking to be on top of this one."

"No Ma'am." Peter assured and then let out an almost involuntary and embarrassed half chuckle which his Mother heard.

"What's so funny?"

"I was just thinking about how when I was a kid I remember how everyone was so open about spanking their kids. There was no shameful stigma like there is today. You moms would discuss our punishments with one another right while we were standing there. I can remember being in the corner in our old house and hearing you on the phone with Aunt Stephanie or one of your friends telling them that you had just given me a well-deserved spanking and that I was still in the corner. Man, I would feel my face go beet red knowing that I'd get that knowing smirk from whichever lady you were talking to the next time I saw them."

"So," Loretta responded with a tone of pure maternal authority,"Do you think that as your mother, I should have had to ask your permission first?"

"No Ma. Of course not. You have the right to discuss your kid's behavior with whomever you choose. And I never felt like I got spanked for something I didn't deserve. It's just that it was really embarrassing to be in the corner in the first place with my red bottom exposed to whoever might come by, and then on top of that my situation was also being sort of advertised to others. It was like I felt whoever you were talking to could see me standing there as well. It really added to the punishment I have to tell you. I'm just glad that that is one thing I no longer need to worry about."

Loretta grinned from ear-to-ear "I am so glad you feel that way, son. But you are wrong about one thing." she stated with a bit of ironic bemusement and dialed Carol on her cell phone. "I actually do owe someone a call."