Pride and anger can cause a face to burn almost as hotly as a spanked bottom. Almost. In the brief pauses between smacks Jeff thought of just how much he disliked Mary. Self-centered and haughty, eager to provoke, she excelled at escalating even the most trivial disagreement into an ugly confrontation while making herself seem the victim. She was also, without knowing it, the reason  for his current situation.

"Are you ready to apologize?"

"It wasn't my fault!" Jeff insisted.

"Are you forgetting I was there?" Ivette reminded in exasperation punctuating her query with a pair of particularly nasty wallops to her husband's rear. "You are as guilty as Mary only moreso since she was a guest in our home and I specifically warned you to behave beforehand. I am so sick of the two of you fighting all of the time."

Jeff brooded silently, defiantly.

Ivette merely sighed. "I can see this is going to be one of those times when you need to learn your lesson the hard way. So be it." The spanking resumed fueled with palpable determination. Ivette wasn't too concerned. She had seen this resistance before and knew it would not outlast the spanking. The thing that made it funny......the thing that made her smile to herself even now.......was that she was not alone in that knowledge. How many times had Jeff stubbornly refused to admit fault and apologize when he knew he was guilty and was precariously across her lap? Had he ever won one of these stand-offs? His pride and defiance only resulted in an even redder bottom before surrendering and doing exactly what Ivette asked in the first place. And yet, despite that dismal record of failure, here he was doing it again. No matter. He'd give in long before her arm gave out.

Eventually after letting her paddle do the persuading she saw Jeff's resistance falter and she exploited the moment with rapid swats.

"Oh! Ow! Please, no more!" Jeff conceded.

Ivette paused. "I still haven't heard an apology."

Without the immediate pain of his wife's spanks to prompt him, Jeff hesitated. Deep down he knew she was right. Heck, he knew it well enough not to have resisted the spanking in the first place, but somehow everytime he felt prepared to give in, he pictured Mary's smug face and couldn't follow through. Just like now.

Ivette waited a few seconds more, then rolled her eyes with a frustrated grunt. "Fine!" she barked and laid into the waiting bottom without mercy or let-up. Immediately Jeff regretted his hesitation. In a frenetic blubber, out poured a litany of "I'm sorry"s but Ivette could tell they were meant only to stop her assault. "A little late." she observed, "And not terribly sincere." but in her mind she thought they weren't a bad start. A crisp volley now should clinch this and so she delivered that volley with gusto.

The "I'm sorry"s grew desperate and insistant. She paused once more. "OK, If you are really sorry, tell me again." Jeff caught his breath and sincerely apologized to his wife.

"Good" Ivette responded. "Now all you need to do is call Mary an apologize to her." she said knowing that  her husband would find this nearly impossible to do. So she wasn't too surprised when Jeff took the phone and looked at it, his eyes closed in a grimace as he shook his head. "I can't. I just can't. I am sorry I upset you but I can't apologize to that..... that...... person." He thought better than to say the word he was thinking.

"Fine." Ivette concluded curtly. Picking up her paddle she delivered slow hard smacks as she spoke. "Since I will not be satisfied until you apologize to Mary and since it seems the only way you can get over your stubborness is when I'm paddling you, tomorrow we will be going over to Mary's so I can spank an apology out of you right in front of her. Now when we are done I'm going to bed and you can sleep in the guest room tonight. But not before I show you just how angry I am!"

By the time Jeff was let up his backside was a mottle of color and texture. Alone in the spare room, sleep eluded him. Jeff knew Ivette was not joking. He also knew she was right. He had been warned....repeatedly......and he still fell right into his old habits with Mary. Yes, she provoked him, but she always did. Why couldn't he just learn to let it go? Why did he allow himself to get suckered in everytime? Turning in bed chafed his throbbing bottom. He thought of what Mary would think if she knew how often her little games resulted in just such a posterior. Oh she would love knowing that. And tomorrow, she would not only know but see it happen. Mary would be insufferable after that.............not to mention how much a second spanking would feel tomorrow. This was not good. His worst nemesis would see his aready spanked behind  and see him spanked yet again, no doubt get her apology, and sit there smugly through the whole thing. No. No matter how he felt about Mary he needed to be reasonable about this. All he needed to do was apologize. An apology would spare him all the pain and embarrassment that would otherwise take place. Pride was dangerous. He needed to be smart.


The next morning he awoke with a feeling of renewal. The morning light lent a clarity to his mind. He could still make this right. After making breakfast for Ivette he surprised her with it in bed and hugged her, admitting he had been foolishly obstinate. He apologized again and promised to apologize to Mary as well.

Ivette seemed pleased but not all that surprised. "I know you don't like Mary and I admit she makes it difficult for you to like her, but she is a friend and she still needs to be treated with hospitality and respect. I had a feeling that the thought of being spanked in front of her might change your mind."

Jeff agreed. "Yeah. It would be pretty horrible. I thought about it last night. She'd get to see me thrashed by you for refusing to give an apology I know I'd end up giving anyway. I mean I know that I couldn't hold out against you forever."

"No, you couldn't." Ivette admitted with a bit of her own pride showing.

"Nope. So what's the point?"

"I have often wondered about that myself, Dear. But yet you often end up with a raw bottom despite that knowledge. It would make me far angrier if it wasn't so amusing."

"Well this time I am not going to be stubborn and stupid. Mary will have her apology just as she deserves and as you wish." Jeff stated with confidence.

"Well good." Ivette smiled, "But you aren't getting off that easily."

"What do you mean?"

"Well after being so pig-headed, I think you deserve at least a little embarrassment so I am going to tell her about the spanking I gave you."

"Oh please don't. She'll be impossible after that." Jeff whined.

 Ivette arched her eyebrows. "That's the price for being stubborn. Be glad that I don't do worse and have you show off your bottom."

Jeff blushed and remained silent.


Later that day the two drove to Mary's after explaining that they needed to see her about something important. When they arrived Mary welcomed them warmly. Once they exchanged pleasantries and were seated, Ivette got to the purpose of their visit. She told Mary how she felt about the arguments that always seemed to ensue between her and her husband and how this latest one resulted in some rather persuasive discipline for her husband. Jeff blushed furiously as Ivette calmly informed her friend about the specific nature of her discipline. Ivette explained that she felt an apology was in order for both herself and Mary but that Jeff did not agree at first.

"Yes, Initially Jeff did not see things my way, but after some quality time with his bare bottom across my lap, I was able to persuade him."

"Hmmmm. Oh really? I would have loved to have seen that." Mary admitted.

"Well, you almost did. The last thing I said to him was that he could apologize on his own like an adult or be encouraged to do so like a naughty boy over my lap right here in front of you today. Of course he saw the benefit of swallowing his pride. And now............ here he is. Jeff? Is there something you want to say to Mary?"

Mary looked at him with smug disdain as he thought of how to word his apology and spare himself any further embarrassment but to his own astonishment, the words would not come. He looked at Mary red-faced as she waited with a growing smile. It was evident that Jeff was finding this difficult even now. Ironically, the longer Jeff hesitated, the wider Mary's smile stretched, and the wider it stretched the more Jeff rebelled against the thought of apologizing. It was another foolish stand-off. Jeff knew what would happen. If he didn't ignore Mary's obvious enjoyment of his current predicament he would succeed only in giving her exactly  what she was no doubt hoping for.

Mary seemed to understand this right away. She didn't even have to try. All she had to do was react in exactly the way she felt. She was enjoying this and her smile was the only tool she needed to  ensure victory. There was no need for strategy. She did not even have to alter her demeanor to manipulate her victim this time. All she had to do was smile. So she did. She looked right into Jeff's eyes and smiled a wicked toothy grin that shut him down completely.

"Jeff?" Ivette prompted.

But Jeff remained silent and looked down, away from Mary's triumphant glee.

"Jeff, if you don't apologize right now, you know what I intend to do?" Ivette repeated. But Jeff said nothing for a very long time. Long enough for Ivette to flush angrily and drag him pants-down across her lap. Long enough for Mary to see his tender bottom. Long enough for Ivette to pull a paddle from her handbag. He didn't resist. He obeyed every command .........except for the one to apologize. Although in due course he obeyed that one as well.

The still-tender behind that he brought along with him left Jeff more vulnerable than usual. Ivette did not have to work very hard in getting him to crumble into an utterly defeated penitent. As Jeff unabashedly apologized to Mary over and over, he felt completely humbled. He hadn't been able to demonstrate defiance or bravery. He hadn't been able to hold onto any pride. Despite all of his reasoning, he had once again lost to Mary.  She beat him yet again. Easily. So when Ivette stopped her assault in order to allow him to make a proper apology, he felt no hesitation. There was no defiance as he apologized with complete humility. He took full blame for their argument. He expressed his regret over his behavior and he even concluded with an offer of restitution saying that if there was anything he could do to make amends he would be glad to do so.

As it turned out, Mary thought there was. "Well, there is something." she began in a tone of sincere acceptance, "But only if it is OK with you, Ivette." Ivette urged her to continue. "Well I would be very pleased if Jeff proved his sincerity by asking me to spank him as well."

"I have no problem with that, Mary, and it is actually sort of appropriate. All the spanking that Jeff has gotten thusfar is all due to his own stubborness. It is only now that he has actually admitted his fault and apologized. But you could say that he still hasn't been punished for what he did and it seems only fair that you be the one to deliver the punishment." 

Jeff listened to the entire exchange as if in a dream, yet he felt no resistance. Despite everything, it all made sense to him as well. It was as if he needed to go through all that preceded in order to arrive at the proper mindset he had been missing all along. He shifted off of his wife's lap and faced the ladies. 

"First I want to apologize again to both of you. Ivette I disobeyed and embarrassed you and Mary, I offended you yesterday when it was my obligation to be courteous. You are right about my stubborn pride. And you are right that I have not yet been punished. Mary, since it is OK with Ivette, I sincerely ask that you spank me for my behavior as you see fit. I certainly deserve it and I also agree that it is fitting that you be the one to do it." Jeff said and then bowed humbly.

Mary nodded graciously at the request, then turned to her friend Ivette and asked if she might speak to Jeff privately for just a moment. Ivette took the opportunity to visit the ladies' room leaving the former adversaries alone.

"You do realize that I know you don't like me?" Mary began with a sidelong glance from slitted eyes  "And you must also know  that I was at least equally responsible for our argument last night?"

"Yes, I suppose I know all that." Jeff admitted.

"So then for me to punish you for it is almost totally unfair."

"I don't think so." Jeff contradicted. For this to make sense it had to be fair. 

"Oh sure it is and deep down you know it. But it doesn't really matter does it?  I mean, it's going to happen whether it's fair or not, right?"

Jeff looked at Mary with a furrowed brow. "Why are you telling me this?"

Mary sighed with a casual toss of her head, "I just think it's good that we understand each other. I don't know if Ivette is always fair with you or what sort of arrangement you two have, but I know myself and I'm no angel. I know I am partly and maybe even mostly responsible for our disagreements.......but that won't stop me from spanking you and enjoying every minute of it. You see, despite this sudden change in you I believe there might still be a bit of pride left deep in you. I can't imagine one spanking in my presence would change you completely. But after a spanking from me you won't be able to muster that pride again........not with me at least. Not with the person who is going to make you beg for mercy even when you know full well it won't be granted. There is a power in that. I am going to spank that last shred of pride right out of you for good. You'll fight it, but you'll still lose. And everytime you see me you will know it was me that did that to you. Now you've already agreed to be spanked by me. However, I wanted this moment to explain myself fully so that you might have a chance to think over everything I said."

"I have. I know that what you said is probably true but I feel like knowing it is not the same as having it happen."

"Well then what I would really like is that now that you know what I intend to do and why....and how I feel about it......... I would love to hear you ask me one more time. I want you to hear you ask me to do just what I promised so that I can relish every wriggle and yelp to the fullest."

Jeff gulped at the frankness of Mary's admission. He thought about his pride.

"OK, Mary. I am asking you. Please do exactly what you said. You are right that we may not like each other very much, but if you can accomplish what you just said, I will certainly be forced to respect you."

Mary laughed at the thought just as Ivette walked back in ithe room. "You two done or do you need more time? In fact I was thinking that perhaps since this is your punishment that you might like to do it in private as well. I don't mind if you do."

Mary eyed Jeff a moment the turned her gaze to her friend. "No Ivette, I just told Jeff that I suspect he is harboring a bit of pride still. A little more subtle perhaps....but still there. I intend to eradicate that pesky remnant and I think it would be much more effective if there was a witness present. Especially you."

The spanking itself was exactly what Mary had promised. Jeff struggled to remain composed but Mary was too determined. Just as she had forecast, she soon had Jeff whimpering and begging like a puppy. But it was no use. Mary merely used the opportunity to remind him of what she had said and what he had asked for while continuing to spank. Her flippant reaction to his heartfelt begging angered him. He thought of every nasty trait that Mary had demonstrated and began to struggle and resist. But Mary pulled back his arm and flipped a leg over his. Thus secured she now continued to spank even harder. The wriggling and angry grunting reached an apex and then passed like a storm leaving only the calm of gently falling tears and the patter of slaps.

"All done fighting?" Mary prompted almost kindly.

"Yes, Ma'am." Jeff assured sniffling.

"Good boy. I'm going to give you two dozen more to finish up. They will be very hard."

"As you wish, Ma'am." Jeff replied. He then moaned through the last twenty-four swats but otherwise remained compliant. When let up his eyes were red and wet and his seat two balls of throbbing agony. Even Ivette was impressed. Without prompting he then thanked Mary  for punishing him and he did so without the slightest trace of insincerity.Her victory over him was complete.


On the way home, Ivette asked her husband what he thought of Mary now.

"She can sure spank." he admitted.

"She certainly can. But after that roasting, you must really hate her now, huh?"

Jeff tilted his head and admitted that he didn't hate Mary. In fact, it was quite possible that he might have been wrong about her all along. He did admit that he was ashamed of how he lost all dignity during the spankings. Ivette smiled gently.

"Don't be too embarrassed, Dear. You just got two very thorough thrashings. All three of us knew it was exactly what you needed and deserved. I knew that I'd make you aplogize.  Mary told you flat out that she'd make you beg for mercy and I fully expected that she would. Your pride has always been an issue. Tonight you learned you can lose your pride and still survive. You tried to hang onto it as long as you could but eventually it slipped away. You were left open, bare, and vulnerable. I started the process and Mary finished. And I was glad to be there to see it. It is what you needed. I am proud of you both."

"Really?" Jeff asked. "I guess I just thought you might think I acted childishly."

"The times I thought you acted childishly were the times you argued with Mary. Over any little thing, mind you. Hopefully this has cured you of that."

"I can't imagine doing that anymore. After tonight, it just wouldn't seem right. I mean, she defeated me right there over her lap. How could I argue with her now? After that?"

"Good. Then my plan worked afterall." Ivette sighed contentedly.

"Your plan?" Jeff exclaimed.

"Yes, you silly goose." Ivette explained. "Everything from Mary starting that last argument, to this visit to her place, was all part of a well-planned conspiracy. Didn't you wonder why I had my paddle with me when we only came over here for you to apologize? I knew you'd either apologize or refuse...most likely refuse knowing you....but either way I was going to make sure that Mary spanked you. I knew you two were never going to get along unless there was a drastic change. You were both too stubborn. Everything was a challenge. That dynamic needed to end and what better way than to put you both on permanently unequal footing? After tonight Mary won't have the need to try to best you....she's already done that to such a flagrant degree that anything else would be anticlimatic. And besides......." Mary giggled. "I fully intend to let Mary give you a reminder whenever it's needed."

Jeff blushed at the thought, but as he shifted his aching buns in the passenger seat, he smiled as well.

----------------------------------------------------the end----------------------------------------------------------------