An Age Thing

The shower was winding down. Only a handful of friends and relatives remained. And after an afternoon of wine and gifts….. and complete absence of men, the conversation got pretty racy. One of the gifts given earlier had been a copy of 50 Shades of Grey. At the time of its unwrapping, the sight of it alone had caused a brief ripple of laughter and teasing for the bride-to-be, but now it was a topic of conversation. Eileen was more focused now than on any other bit of gossip dished about prior. Much of the conversation was speculative: who would do it? Who wouldn’t? Which role would you take on if you did? But no one seemed to have any actual experience nor deep desire to try it for real, until Eileen somehow admitted that she wished she could experience being spanked. That got some chuckles and teases until a relatively new face in the crowd, Kayla, the younger friend of the Maid of Honor merely replied, “Then why not just do it then?”

“It’s not so easy,” Eileen confessed. “You have to find someone willing to take on the other role. It’s not a solo activity.”

“Nothing fun ever is,” a tipsy cousin chortled as everyone laughed again at the naughty innuendo. But Kayla’s eyes focused in on Eileen like a hawk’s on a rabbit.

“I’ve done it,” Kayla admitted soberly, “it’s no big deal. It’s just a spanking….it’s not some major commitment like choosing an insurance policy. Besides, it’s fun.”

“Really? You’ve done it for real?” another lady asked in surprise. “Does it hurt?”

“Oh, I’m sure it does,” Kayla grinned.

The confused lady squinted. “You sound like you’re only guessing, but if you’ve done it….” she paused with a tilt of her head, “how could you not know?”

“Because it doesn’t hurt me,” Kayla laughed.

“Oh, I get it,” the tipsy cousin squawked. “You are the one who gives the spanking! Well that’s perfect. Then you could spank Eileen,” she blurted tactlessly.

Eileen blushed and Kayla noted the reaction. To save the moment, Kayla quickly turned the awkward suggestion into a joke. “Perhaps, but this is a shower, not a Birthday party, so no butt-smacks today. Eileen is safe.”

Again the ladies laughed and turned the conversation to another topic, but Eileen could not concentrate on any other subjects. Her thoughts were fixed on spanking, and Kayla, whose casual confidence extended well beyond her apparent age, which to Eileen’s estimate could not be much more than 21 or 22. As the party broke up Eileen watched Kayla intently and was rewarded for her patience when eventually she saw the girl alone in the foyer. She quickly approached her and thanked her for saving her from any further embarrassment.

Kayla responded in her matter-of-fact style, “It was nothing. Half of them won’t even remember the conversation considering all the wine they had.”

“Well, thanks anyway.” Eileen turned to leave wishing she had the courage not to. 

“All kidding aside, if you really want to scratch ‘spanking’ off your bucket list, give me a call. Like I said before…it’s no big deal, and I like doing it….boy or girl.” Kayla offered as she took out her cell phone. “What’s your number? I’ll send you a text and then you’ll have me in your messages.”

Despite her embarrassment, Eileen did as Kayla suggested, which told Kayla everything she needed to know. It would not be long. Eileen might agonize and stew for a few days but eventually she’d call. And a couple of weeks later that was exactly what she did. They agreed to meet at Kayla’s apartment on a Saturday afternoon when neither had plans. And as Eileen deliberated over every detail and every nuance, Kayla remained steady and casual throughout the conversation, a trait that gave Eileen courage to pursue her strange desire. 

As discussed, Eileen showed up exactly at 2:30 just as Kayla suggested. She had decided to wear a skirt and blouse thinking of the practicality of the choice. A lifted skirt would just be so much easier. So it came as a bit of a shock when Kayla eventually instructed her to remove all of her clothes, right there in the living room. Her mouth fell open, but surprisingly no protest issued forth. Instead, Eileen did as she was told and found herself facing this confident young spitfire without a stitch to conceal herself. On the opposing wall hung a large mirror in which she could see the back of Kayla’s lean, angular body facing her own pale, matronly one. The reflection was unforgiving. In her mind, Eileen had been able to rationalize this encounter so that her own years did not seem to matter. It’s a common phenomenon that as adults, people tend to retain the self-image they developed in college, and since Kayla seemed to regard this situation as appropriate, Eileen let herself be lulled into that same casual sense of appropriateness. But that damned mirror did not share in their view. It coldly reflected what appeared before it: a naked woman in her 40’s, whose body had begun to soften, slope, and spread, at the mercy of a clothed 21-year-old in her tight and youthful prime. Eileen blushed at the indignity of the brutally, day lit image.

“Follow me,” Kayla ordered politely and Eileen let herself be led to Kayla’s bedroom glad to remove herself from the mirror’s field of view. Her mind was spinning. Forgetting her age once again, she now just envisioned the act. She anticipated the pain, fearing it and desiring it in alternate intervals. However, as soon as she entered the room, the shock of the mess therein almost made her forget why she was there. There were clothes and packages everywhere. Kayla herself had to step through it all as if she was negotiating a minefield. Eileen said nothing and emulated Kayla’s navigation of the mess, watching the backs of Kayla’s sandaled heels as she saw her own bare feet intersperse themselves between a rubble of clothing.

Finally Kayla made it to her bed and sat, but not without first sweeping a pile of underwear and socks onto the floor. She then indicated that Eileen should place herself across her lap. More mindful now of the mess than the impending spanking, Eileen complied and found herself face-down and vulnerable while her downward gaze was treated to the sight of a jumble of clothing. A tangled ball of discarded panties loomed about a foot away taunting her with a promised scent she thankfully could not catch despite reflexively trying. 

When Kayla placed a hand upon her lower back and warned that the spanking was about to begin, Eileen suddenly felt foolish. Why was she here? Was her desperation so overwhelming that she had to rely on this much younger, utterly disorganized, and sloppy ‘kid’ to experience the loss of control she so desired? It was crazy. In her fantasies, she had always envisioned a disciplinarian in the mold of distinguished college professor, a graying male wearing a tweed jacket while demonstrating impeccable posture. Someone with maturity, intelligence, and who possessed enough secure confidence in their own self-discipline to be only too suited to share that guidance with those less self-possessed. Despite her gender and age, Kayla seemed to possess that character at least, but in light of this, Eileen’s admiration and respect were shaken. But before she could ponder this twist of fate further, a loud clap shot through the air producing a shocking sting in Eileen’s virgin buttcheek. And almost immediately thereafter another sting pulsed through the other.

The two slaps may have answered Eileen’s initial curiosity, but what followed satisfied her long-suppressed need. Kayla expertly punished the offered posterior with enthusiastic gusto. Dozens and dozens of hard slaps echoed through the room as the punishing impacts reverberated through the chubby, un-toned muscles. Eileen reacted as could be expected until her resistant energy was steadily spanked away. Then she just gave in, absorbing the intensifying pain gratefully and submissively. No longer a desperate anachronism, Eileen felt more now like a child, albeit a husky one, over the lap of an angry mother or aunt.
Afterwards, Eileen no longer questioned her decision, nor the abilities of her disciplinarian, but rather felt urged to try to repay her for the experience. Before she could speak, however, Kayla roughly ordered her to a corner so as to stand with her crimson throbbing bottom on display. Looking again at the room Eileen had another thought and boldly suggested a counteroffer: rather than merely stand uselessly in the corner, how would Kayla like if she were to act as a housekeeper and clean up the room? Ever practical, Kayla found it a great idea and agreed, with the condition that in keeping with the flavor of being on display in the corner, Eileen would have to clean the room, just as she was……naked.

Within an hour and a half, Eileen, expert straightener and compulsive neat-freak, had the room looking crisp and sharp. She even had a load of laundry already churning in Kayla’s small apartment washer. Before leaving, Eileen made Kayla an offer. Until she could find someone to take charge of her the way she wished, meaning within the context of a romantic relationship, would Kayla be willing to go on disciplining her in exchange for her housekeeping talents? Kayla needed no encouragement. The thought of a regularly-cleaned apartment coinciding with a regularly-spanked maid seemed too good to be true. A mutual bargain both practical and fun. So, with a nod, smile, and hug, it was agreed that they would make this a regular routine. Each Saturday Eileen would come over and be Kayla’s “butt-roasted maid”. 

The arrangement had gone on for about three weeks when one Friday evening Kayla got a text from her sister, Ashley. She was grounded yet again because their mother had walked into the nightmare that Ashley called a bedroom. In a flash of utter devilish brilliance, Kayla had an idea. The sisters texted back and forth until a devious game plan took shape in Kayla’s head. All that Ashley had to do was see to it that their mother would be out for the day and Kayla assured her that all would be made right with her room, though Kayla did not divulge how this miracle would transpire. Ashley figured she could suggest that their mother go out without worry and that when she returned her room would be as tidy as could be. A trade-off their frustrated mother would hardly refuse.

When Eileen arrived on Saturday, Kayla greeted her at the door and told her there would be a slight change of plans. Eileen’s face sunk in disappointment for despite the sting of Kayla’s expert spankings, she had grown to eagerly anticipate them, craving the burn in her behind as she worked. Kayla assured her that she’d still get her wish. “I just have a different room for you to clean today. And you are to do it first. Consider it a special favor for me. If you do a good job, you’ll be rewarded with a very thorough session across my lap afterwards.”

Eileen agreed finding the request both reasonable and intriguing. A short drive later they arrived at the home of Kayla’s mother. As planned, she had gone to the mall for the afternoon, leaving only Ashley at home …ostensibly to clean. Eileen entered and was introduced. Ashley was a typical 16-year old: petite, cute, a bit spoiled, and utterly addicted to both her Smartphone and Ipod. Kayla led Eileen to the offending room and laid out her challenge. Eileen could not believe the mess, but figured she would be appropriately rewarded for her duties and so she dove right in and started straightening without complaint or even comment. All the while she worked the sisters gabbed, and texted, and tweeted and giggled over Instagrams and gossip.

Two hours later, the girls were interrupted by a sweaty, panting, but beaming Eileen who announced to them both that the room was as good as she could get it. The two darted to see and cackled maniacally over the transformation. Ashley hugged her sister and thanked Eileen for the help. She asked how she could repay her but Eileen said demurely that Kayla would take care of it and not to worry about it. Something in her tone and the look on her older sister’s face made the teen suspicious. “What’s with this deal? Just exactly what kind of arrangement do you two have?”

Kayla chuckled, “a rather unique one but it isn’t any of your concern.”
Eileen looked over at the girl and said softly to Kayla, “it’s OK, you can tell her if you want. I don’t mind.”

The concession made Ashley even more intrigued, “OK now you’ve gotta spill. What’s the deal?”

Kayla then informed her sister of their special arrangement, but to Eileen’s surprise, the girl hardly seemed phased. 

“I knew there had to be some weird catch to all this” she had exclaimed, “leave it to you Kayla, that is just so frikkin’ awesome.” Turning to Eileen, Ashley asked bluntly, “so you clean up in exchange for being spanked, huh?”

Eileen nodded, now becoming more embarrassed.

“What, you like it?” she probed.

“I guess you could say that.”

“But you’re like so much older than my sister. Wow, that’s got to be like really embarrassing.”

Eileen swallowed and took a breath and then confessed honestly, “yes, it’s true. I am older than her, quite a bit older in fact, and yes, even though I admire your sister’s strength and confidence enough to have her be in charge like that, I will admit her age makes my situation even more embarrassing than it might be if our ages were reversed.”

“Then you know what? You should let me spank you!”

“What?” Eileen gasped.

“Yeah, it’s perfect! It’s my room you cleaned, and that is sort of the arrangement you have now, right? It will be my way of thanking you. And if being spanked by Kayla is embarrassing to you, imagine what it’ll be like getting a spanking from her younger sister!”

“I don’t know…..”

“Kid’s got a point there, Eileen. I hadn’t thought about it before, but I like it.” Eileen looked over at Kayla in surprise. She had fully expected her to come to her defense and dismiss the idea as ridiculous, but here she was endorsing it. The look amused Kayla making her laugh at the irony of Eileen’s new predicament. “Oh yes definitely. That’s exactly what we’re going to do.” Kayla turned to Eileen, “Eileen, I expect you to obey and do as I say in this. I am going to let Ashley give you a spanking today as repayment for your work and I want you to cooperate and show her the same respect you give me.” Turning to her sister she continued, “and you, Ashley, need to understand that even though Eileen has done you a big favor by cleaning your room and has done nothing wrong, you need to spank her as though she was a really naughty girl who misbehaved. No going easy on her, OK?”
“OK, Kayla, but to be honest, I hadn’t planned on going easy on her at all,” the eager girl grinned.

“Good. OK then what do you have around here that would work nicely on her butt? Do you have a hairbrush that would work?”

“I have this one,” Ashley offered, showing her a light plastic brush.

But Kayla frowned. “No, that’s no good. What about in the kitchen? Does Mom still have that oversized wooden spoon?”

“I think so. I’ll get it.” The teen returned with a small but heavy wooden spoon with a flattened back about 3” in diameter and handed it to her sister. Kayla struck it against her palm with a smack, and shook the stung hand with a smiling nod of approval. Eileen watched these events unfold as if she was in a dream, eyeing a spoon much heftier than the ones she was used to. Her rational mind seemed unwilling to accept that she was about to be spanked by the girl whose room she had just so diligently cleaned. Part of her rejected the notion as silly, while another part began to worry about the ordeal. She wanted to maintain something of her dignity even within this crazy situation, hoping to somehow endure the proposed spanking with an air of calm, submissive acceptance, but she worried that the practical result of hard wood energetically applied to her bare backside would not allow her this dignified stoicism. She pictured herself instead wriggling, moaning, yelping and kicking, while this cocky teenager laughed at her predicament. The thought was mortifying. And yet when told, she found herself obediently approaching the seated smug girl without protest. 

Yet, when Ashley looked up at her and snapped, “Come on, let’s get going.” Eileen froze. She heard the words but could not move. “You’re only going to make me mad,” Ashley teased. “If you think you were going to get it before, just wait until you see what happens if you don’t get moving ASAP!” It surprised both Eileen and Kayla how effortlessly Ashley was able to transform from the appreciative recipient of Eileen’s housekeeping to the eager spanker of her behind.

Eileen suddenly had a revelation. As strange as this situation seemed, it actually made sense in a lot of ways. Given her situation and arrangement with Kayla, this indignity was indeed logical. She may have been the oldest person in the room, but she was also the most submissive. How could she imagine any reversal of the situation with Eileen as the mature disciplinarian teaching Ashley the responsibilities of keeping a tidy room? This seated teen, despite her tender years had more confident dominance in her than she possessed, and given the situation, that fact determined the appropriateness of whatever followed. She searched her feelings and found not even a trace of desire to have Ashley over her lap, and yet Ashley’s face displayed a bold eagerness to spank her. She was a fraction of Eileen’s age and yet clearly in control. It was at that moment of revelation that Eileen calmly undid her jeans and slid them down along with her panties, kicked them aside and climbed over the waiting girl’s lap. Ashley looked like a kid who had been given a slice of birthday cake that was way bigger than she had imagined. 

“Okay, here we go,” she announced and began to spank the offered bottom. Kayla said nothing at first but seemed disappointed with her sister’s technique, however, when Ashley literally paused to answer a text, Kayla felt compelled to intervene.

“NO, no, no,” she critiqued. “You can’t text through a proper spanking. Put that away or I’m putting an end to this.”

Ashley looked up innocently, “What?”

“You are in charge right now. You need to act like it. Focus on what you’re doing. And what’s with this half-hearted spanking? I think Eileen put a helluva lot more effort into cleaning up your mess than you’re putting into this spanking you seemed so eager to give.”

“Hey, I’m smacking her. Look, her butt’s already pink where I hit,” Ashley defended indignantly.

“Barely pink. Put some muscle into it. You should have her kicking and yelping, not laying there like a corpse. Sorry Eileen,” Kayla added sincerely as she looked her in the eye.

“Hey, this is my first time. Sorry I’m not an expert,” Ashley pouted.

“Hey, you’re right. Sorry sis,” Kayla softened as she approached the pair. “OK, look at this,” she directed as she roughly grabbed and shook a handful of Eileen’s fatty buttcheek, “you have a lot to work with and it’s well padded,” she added as she slapped the flabby mound to demonstrate. “You can hit a big soft bottom like this pretty damn hard without doing it any real damage.” She took the spoon from her sister and gave a forceful smack that made Ashley’s eyes go as wide as Eileen’s. “See? Like that.” 

“That hard?” Ashley asked in surprise.

“Hell yeah, sis. It’s a spanking. Make it hurt. Eileen won’t be mad at you, will you Eileen?”

“No, Ma’am,” Eileen replied embarrassed to confirm Kayla’s statement.

The older sister then handed the spoon back and gave Ashley a brief tour of Eileen’s posterior, indicating where to hit and where to avoid. Ashley now realized she had a pretty broad field from top of the cheeks all the way to Eileen’s thigh-tops. The only spot she had to be careful of was near the tailbone, which given Eileen’s fat bottom, was pretty protected. Besides, there was a lot of surface to sting without even venturing close to it. “Tailbone’s off-limits, but you don’t have to worry much about that. See this spot here?” Kayla asked as she rubbed her hand over Eileen’s lower bottom. “This is the part of a bottom that you sit on. This is where you want to concentrate your smacks. It’s far from the tailbone and right where poor Eileen is going to feel it every time she sits today….and if you do a good job, even tomorrow. You can spank all around those big cheeks for sure, but this spot here is where you want to really roast her good.”

Eileen blushed as her anatomy was so clinically explained and was truly stunned when Ashley turned to her without any of her prior teenage attitude and asked, “hey, Eileen, you obviously heard everything Kayla told me. Is that all OK with you? Is that what you want me to do?”

The sincerity of the girl’s question touched her. She thought a moment then replied, 
”Ashley dear, you suggested this idea. It seemed like you wanted to spank me.”

“I do.”

“Then do it. Kayla just taught you how and I think that for me to still be here in this position should answer your question. I can’t tell you that I want you to spank me the way Kayla said because once you start I won’t. If you do a proper job, I’ll be wishing I never agreed to this. But……I am still here. Does that explain things better?”

The girl nodded, “yes, I think I get it. But now,” she added with a devilish grin, “I think you’re going to get it even more.”

Ashley then resumed the spanking, this time without her cell phone and with a lot more enthusiasm. Eileen started kicking almost immediately. The newfound freedom to guiltlessly cut loose and unleash her mischievous side was thrilling for the teen. She imagined Eileen as the embodiment of every adult authority figure she had ever had to submit to and unleashed her revenge into the innocent woman’s jiggling, quivering, ever-reddening bottom. Initially Eileen managed to remain pretty composed, ouching and clenching as would be reasonably expected, but as the girl continued, she inevitably abandoned her stoicism and dignity plaintively wriggling as she loudly moaned and whimpered on the verge of tears. 

Hearing the desperate reactions, Ashley shot her sister a concerned ‘is what I’m doing OK?’ look. Kayla read the expression and broke into a huge grin nodding while responding with a ‘thumbs up’ gesture. Reassured, Ashley indulged her dark side even more as she now verbally tormented her victim as she continued to spank. “How’s your bottom feeling?” she teased, “it’s looking pretty red.”

Taking advantage of the situation, Kayla joined in, “you’re right, sis, that’s some spanking she’s getting. What do you think it’s going to be like for her to sit on that butt?”

“Oh I think it would be pretty stingy.”

“Well I think you still need to hit harder.”

“Is that true, Eileen? Should I spank you harder?” Ashley asked the moaning victim.

“No please,” Eileen panted breathlessly between swats, “my bottom is on fire.”

“I said I think she should hit harder, Eileen. Are you contradicting me in front of my sister?” Kayla feigned outrage causing her sister to snicker.

“No, no, Ma’am. I’m sorry, Ma’am. Ashley, listen to your sister.”

“But I’m asking you.”

“Then ‘yes’. Yes, dear, spank me harder.”

“OK, if that’s what you want.” Ashley then really laid in hard landing fast brutal wallops that sent wobbly shockwaves through the massive cheeks. Eileen wailed honestly, the tears now flowing freely.

“Give her about a dozen more like that….all in those lower spots I showed you…… and then stop, ok, kid?” Kayla suggested in a serious, but gentle voice.

Ashley did as directed, marveling not only at the explosive sound of her strikes but at the ability of her victim to willingly stay in place despite what had to be excruciating pain.
Once finished, Eileen lay almost motionless on Ashley’s lap. If it wasn’t for her back heaving with each deep breath, she might have appeared unconscious. The last dozen blows forced warty nubs to bloom across Eileen’s swollen, multicolored backside. The perimeter or each plump mound was as pink as the center of a medium rare steak as were the tops of her thighs, while the lower two thirds of the beaten orbs were a painful mix of deep watermelon red and purplish bruising, with a dusty whitish patch of hot dry skin directly in the spots hit most often. The tender crescent where thigh met buttock was also a darker pink, but more noticeable than color was how much that sensitive strip seemed to swell in comparison to the other areas. As Eileen caught her breath, Ashley could not help but touch the beaten cheeks. She was amazed to feel the stark difference. Initially baby smooth, doughy, and almost cool to the touch, they now felt weird, oddly fake, like an underinflated pool toy left out in the sun. She found the transformation fascinating and felt a strange wave of personal satisfaction as having been the author of such a profound change.

Eventually all parties recovered and Eileen got off of Ashley’s lap, though she moved clumsily as if a bit drunk. Her face was red and wet from tears. Kayla offered some tissues from a nearby box. Ashley appeared a bit uncomfortable at Eileen’s appearance, since she herself had found the situation quite humorous. How could such a thing be anything other than funny? And since Eileen wanted the punishment Ashley never imagined that she’d end up crying. Ouching and clenching, sure….that only made sense, but a fully wet face? “Are you OK?” she asked her sniffling victim.

Eileen nodded. “I’m OK dear. It was just a hard spanking is all.”

“Sorry…” Ashley began to apologize, but Eileen stopped her.

“Sweetheart, it’s OK. You did a great job…..for a first-timer, you spanked like an expert. You must be a natural. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. And as long as you say you’re OK I will admit it was a lot more fun than I even thought it would be.”

“Would you want to do it again sometime?” her big sister interjected.

An energetic “Sure!” was the immediate response.

“Well that would depend on Eileen.”

Eileen thought a moment appreciating that Kayla respected her enough to make this her choice. She looked at Ashley and recalled the embarrassment of being spanked by one so young and eager. However, ever-practical, Eileen smiled a bit devilishly herself and turned to Ashley. “You are a smart person, but this room that upset your mother so much was unworthy of you. Today I cleaned it because your sister asked me to, but rather than come here again to clean it for you, I have a counteroffer: two Saturdays from now, when you are no longer grounded, if Kayla agrees, we will stop by to pick you up on our way to her house. If your room is neat and everything in order, you can come with us to your sister’s. Once there, as a reward for your neatness, I will let you spank me again.....only then you’ll be able to use your sister’s paddle instead of the spoon.”

Kayla interjected, “and it’s a pretty nasty paddle too. What Eileen is offering is no small sacrifice. One clean room and you’ll be able to roast her butt even worse than today.”

“OK,” Ashley smiled, “I accept the challenge.”

“You think you can keep this room clean?” Eileen asked almost maternally.
Ashley smiled mischievously, “oh I think I can, but a better question is: do you think you can handle the spanking I’m going to give you when I do?”

Eileen blushed at the playful threat realizing there was probably more truth than bravado in the taunt and didn’t immediately answer. Kayla couldn’t resist taking advantage of Eileen’s sudden loss for words and answered in her place, “sis, you follow through on your end and I’ll see that Eileen holds up her end……literally.” To which everyone including Eileen laughed.

In the car, Eileen winced as she slid into her seat. “God, my bottom hurts!”
Kayla chuckled. “No surprise, Ashley gave it to you good….after a little bit of coaching of course.”

Eileen glanced sidelong at her grinning friend, “uh huh, yeah. Thanks for that bit of intervention,” she added sarcastically. “Just tell me you don’t have any more sloppy siblings in your family.”

Kayla laughed heartily, “No you’re safe on that score. Though For the first time I am sorry I don’t have a kid brother. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“Ha…..ha,” Eileen responded with mock irritation at the tease.”

“Oh stop. You’d probably love it. But don’t worry, it’s only Ashley and me.”

“Believe me, that’s plenty enough for me,” the sore-bottomed passenger pouted as she wriggled uncomfortably in her seat. “I can’t believe how hard she can hit!”

Kayla nodded proudly, “yeah and those last few had to be brutal. They landed so hard they actually hurt my ears. I can only imagine how much they hurt your butt. You’re really going to have a hard time when I spank you.”


“Hey I told you you were going to get a special spanking from me for cooperating at my Mom’s house, and I meant it. Just because Ashley spanked you doesn’t mean I’m not going to. But there is one bit of good news.”

“What’s that?”

“You remember what you told Ashley about her room? Well I have a surprise for you.”
When they arrived at Kayla’s apartment, Eileen was led to Kayla’s bedroom. She initially just assumed it was for her spanking, but was shocked when she saw the room was surprisingly tidy. No scattered clothes, no mess of any kind. Kayla beamed proudly, “ I began to like the way this place looked when you were done with it, and thought that maybe it was time I started to act a bit more responsibly myself. When I heard that Ashley got grounded, I felt a bit immature at having the same problem myself. So I cleaned up on my own and vowed to keep the place neat…..maybe not as perfect as when you are done with it…but I think it’s an improvement.”

“It’s amazing,” Eileen gushed, “I’m so proud of you!”

“You’re a good influence on me Eileen. And you’re a good friend.”


Then changing to a less sentimental tone, Kayla grinned, ”but good friend or not, I still owe you a spanking. You think that butt of yours can handle another round?”

“I don’t see as I have much of a choice. You are the boss when it comes to this, but don’t think I’m not more than a little nervous.”

"It’s OK, I won’t kill you,” Kayla laughed, “but other than that I make no promises.”

Eileen frowned playfully as she stripped for her friend. But as she placed herself over her lap, she felt a wave of pride and admiration, she was proud of herself for actually having positively influenced and helped both Kayla and Ashley with their neatness issues, while admiring the two young girls for their strength and confidence in being able to confidently take charge of her as disciplinarians. Strict and guiltless. Eileen could still feel the heat emanating from her sore bottom and waited for Kayla’s promised spanking with a simultaneous contradiction of fear and desire. “Kayla, I…I…have to admit I’m a bit scared.”

“It’s OK, Eileen, I understand. This is probably going to be very difficult for you. But since you don’t really get spanked for misbehavior but more a reward, you should take some comfort in knowing that because you have done so much for us, I feel I owe you the sorest butt you’ve ever sat upon. Kind of my way of saying ‘thanks’.”

This time Eileen’s tears started to trickle before the first swat ever even landed, however, once the spanking did begin, they flowed freely throughout.

-------the end