Mandatory teasing........
......and frustrated aftermath:
After a long period of teasing, and stop-and-go, I am left feeling like the slightest touch further will result in an eruption. Instead, back into a cage, or just pants he goes with me feeling like a very subby, mushy boy.
Me as I usually am, I pretty much wear the ring as a reminder of role 24/7. In this state I am not allowed to touch myself in any pleasurable way and definitely cannot have an orgasm without express permission! So, each day is pretty frustrating since I rarely get an orgasm.
I sort of like this B&W. I'd like to think it a tasteful bit of personal exposure. Maybe I'm wrong.
The cycle of frustration:
Periodically I will get a text from my Honey to "tease". At these times I can touch myself and induce pleasure just shy of orgasm. It's a see-saw of enjoyment and torture,
Self-explanatory. This is one of our 2 CBs, a homemade version we both prefer to the commercial model for its comfort and ventilation. It's also very easy to keep clean with this one on.