Tommy loved his sister, mostly……and in spite of her almost complete authority over him. In the seemingly perpetual absence of parental supervision, Alice took care of him, she looked out for him, and….. with her parent’s permission and encouragement, she disciplined him when necessary. It was not that his parents didn’t care, they were just constantly working to provide for their family. Their jobs didn’t pay well and Tommy’s Dad had to work a second part-time job just to get by. This was all taking place in 1973 in the midst of one of the most discouraging recessions most Americans could recall at the time. In many homes the preferred method of domestic discipline was still an immediate spanking, though the practice was becoming less popular than it had been during the prior decade. But in Tommy’s home spankings were commonplace….at least for him. Tommy rarely saw his Dad, so any threats of “Wait until your father gets home!” would have been ineffectual if not laughable, so initially Tommy’s discipline came naturally from his mother, Emily, who only worked one job. However, as he and his sister got a bit older, their mother decided that if Alice demonstrated enough trust to run the household in her absence, and take care of her brother, that she should be empowered to handle any of his disruptive behavior as well.
It had started simply enough when one day Tommy was over his Mom’s lap for leaving his Hot Wheels cars on the back steps. Having returned tired from work, the weary woman did not see the danger since she was also carrying a paper bagful of groceries she had picked up on the way home. Needless to say, she slipped, fell, wrenched her wrist, bruised her shin, and dropped the precious groceries causing two jars of spaghetti sauce to break. One act of irresponsible thoughtlessness had caused pain, suffering, and a waste of resources. So after cleaning up the mess and cars, Tommy was hoisted atop his mother’s lap staring at the floor with his pants down. Emily fumed with anger, but when she began the spanking her wrenched wrist ached and throbbed. Frustrated but determined, she just instinctively did what she always did whenever she needed help, she called Alice.

At first Alice just snickered reflexively at the sight of her brother in his current situation. A bare bottom was always good for a chuckle and a bare bottom being spanked was especially funny to her. However, her simple amusement turned to surprised glee when her mother informed her that due to her injury, she needed Alice to execute the necessary punishment. Alice did not object in the least and within the span of a minute at most, the women had exchanged places and Tommy found himself dangling over his big sister’s lap. Emily passed her trusty hairbrush to her trusted daughter, instructed her to proceed, and watched as the girl gave out her very first spanking under her supervision. After that, Emily just sort of accepted Alice as another responsible disciplinarian, and so did Tommy. 

From that day on, Alice was allowed to spank her brother whenever warranted. She did not need to call or seek permission. The only restriction placed upon her was that she never use anything harsher than her mom’s hairbrush and that she never hit her brother anywhere other than his bottom. No slapping, punching, or any other expression of anger would be tolerated. But as far as the spanking itself, it was up to Alice to punish as she saw fit, and though it was never formally required, Alice by her own responsible nature, invariably informed her mother of any discipline that occurred while her mother was at work, which further proved that Tommy was never being punished unfairly by his sister.  

That groundbreaking spanking had taken place over two years ago. Now brother and sister were 11 and 13, respectively. In that time, Alice’s attitude hadn’t really changed much towards Tommy despite her unchallenged authority to punish him when needed. She still took care of him despite the occasional sibling bickering characteristic of all brothers and sisters. However, whenever they did have a quarrel, Alice never used a spanking to settle it in her favor, though she might have threatened it a time or two. Because of this and other things, Tommy never really resented his sister’s growing authority as she evolved into his primary disciplinarian administering the majority, though not all, of his punishments. He wasn’t stupid and he knew exactly when he had done something deserving of punishment. In fact, most of the time, he felt as if a lot of his misbehaviors went undetected since his sister was usually busy with her own things, or hanging around with her inseparable friend, Elaine. She certainly wasn’t spending every minute looking for some excuse to spank him. So when she did catch him, it was usually something significant that he was honestly guilty of. It was that fact coupled with an odd feeling of comfort in being over his own sister’s lap that helped him somewhat overlook the only thing that bothered him about the whole arrangement. Despite Alice’s responsible approach to Tommy’s discipline and the overall seriousness of each situation that called for it, she made no attempt to hide the fact that she found her brother’s predicament wholly amusing. Tommy hated that whenever he finally climbed back off his sister’s lap, always contrite, sometimes teary-eyed and even a bit grateful for the discipline, she’d be smiling. At least when his mom spanked him, she never smiled afterwards. But even though Alice’s unrestrained amusement embarrassed him, he sort of understood it and eventually just accepted it as part of his sister’s nature. 

The other new development that took place during the span following his first spanking from Alice was his change in attitude towards her friend, Elaine. A year ago, Tommy regarded Elaine as the most obnoxious girl on the planet, but in one year she seemed to have undergone a transformation. And in fact she had. Puberty had turned a lanky tomboy who used to bully everyone during every street game of whiffle ball into a teenager obsessed with Tiger Beat whose body had now begun to show signs of the development nature intended. Ironically his sister Alice had undergone a similar transformation, but being his sister, Tommy never even noticed. But he sure noticed Elaine. And part of that awareness stemmed from his own tentative steps into puberty.

Whenever Elaine came over he’d spend his time annoying the two just to be around her. Actually he mostly went about annoying his sister and when she’d react, he’d say something nice and complimentary to Elaine. Elaine found him funny and was flattered a bit by the attention. One day, after Tommy had burst into Alice’s room to see what the pair was up to, she had yelled at him to get out, and as he left Tommy turned to Elaine and said, “hi, Elaine. You sure do look nice today.”

“Get out!” Alice repeated while encouraging her brother’s exit by pelting him with a stuffed panda selected from the veritable plush zoo atop her bed. Tommy snickered and bolted out of the room. “Oh he’s so annoying!” Alice complained to her friend.

“Oh I think he’s kind of cute,” Elaine admitted.

“You’re just saying that because he’s always so nice to you. But let me tell you, he can be a real handful. Do you know what he did last week?”

“What?” Elaine queried.

“The brat got some idea for a ‘science experiment’ and decided he needed to mix up a batch of chemicals. So he comes into my room and pours out half of my perfume into one of his beakers from his chemistry set because he liked the smell and color of it. Then when he realized my bottle was obviously way emptier, he fills it back up with water so I wouldn’t notice, but the water made the color too pale and so he adds food dye to make it darker. So when I sprayed the perfume on that day, I noticed my skin had this greenish tint. It took me an hour of scrubbing to get it all off!”

Elaine couldn’t help but snicker at the image in her head. “That’s actually funny,” she admitted with a broad grin.

“Well I didn’t find it funny. I knew it had to be him so I asked him what had happened and he eventually confessed and apologized. Still, I was so mad I made sure he learned his lesson but good!”

“What did you do?” Elaine asked curiously.

“I spanked him till my arm got tired. You should have heard him. Actually, even down the block, I’m surprised you didn’t. Boy did he wail.”

“Wait. You say you spanked him?” Elaine asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, my Mom lets me punish him if he deserves it. I’ve been spanking him for a good while now.” Alice replied almost casually.

“Oh, my God! That’s so cool! Man, I wish I could spank my kid brother. What’s it like?” the curious teen probed.

“Honestly? It is pretty cool. I mean, I don’t do it for no reason. He has to deserve it, you know. But if he does, I have to admit it’s kinda refreshing to just be able to deal with it like that. I mean it’s so quick and immediate....and he’s always apologizing like crazy like right away.”

Elaine pondered the notion and asked, “I suppose he would, but wow. It must be really wild for know, to have that kind of power, huh?”

Alice twisted her lips as she thought about her friend’s question, “I guess. I mean I like being able to handle stuff without having to ask anyone, but mostly I just find it...I don’t know...funny?”


“Yeah, I mean he’s my kid brother and all, but it’s not like he’s some little, little brother way younger than me. We’re only a couple of years apart, and yet he has to listen to me as if I was his Mom, so I know it’s got to be embarrassing for him to have to drop his pants and show me his bottom like that And if it’s something really serious and he’s really going to get it he has to strip completely, so those times he’s really blushing.”

“Wow, that’s gotta be embarrassing,” Elaine nodded and chuckled simultaneously.

“Yeah, I got that from watching my Mom. Most of the time she’d just have his pants down, but if she was really mad she’d make a point of sending him to his room to strip and he’d have to take his punishment all naked. I thought it was a bit weird so I asked her about it one day and she told me it was to add to his embarrassment, you know….being naked when everyone around you isn’t? It sure does work, though. I’ve seen him look like he was just inches tall because he had to come into the kitchen for his spanking all naked when my Mom and I were in there in our regular clothes. So every now and then I do that as well. It’s another thing I find funny.....and it really humbles him. But being embarrassed is just an added thing, the real punishment for sure is the spanking itself. You can’t compare the redness caused by embarrassment with the redness caused by a hairbrush,” she laughed. “When he’s over my lap and I start spanking, he can’t help but struggle and kick his legs. But he knows he can’t go anywhere or stop me, so he just has to do his best to stay there and take it. That’s the real fun part for me. I love seeing him struggle knowing it’s my smacks that are causing it all. And then of course you gotta love the way his butt starts to color up. First pale pink, then darker and darker depending on how bad a spanking I’m giving him.”

“What’s the worst you’ve ever given him?” Elaine inquired.

Alice thought for a bit then said, ”well the perfume one was pretty bad, but the worst had to be when he snuck out to go bike riding without telling me. He didn’t do any of his chores……forcing me to have to do them, had me worried, and then came home like it was nothing. I really roasted his hinder that day! His butt looked like two slices of watermelon and felt like a car seat in Summer....sort of hot and ‘plasticky’. You should have seen his face every time he tried to sit that day. It was hysterical!”

Elaine rolled her eyes, “oooh, I would love to see my brother struggle like that. He’s such a pain. If I could I think I’d spank him every day. Do you spank Tommy often?”

Alice thought a moment, then shook her head, “actually no, not really. I do it when he deserves it, and that’s it.”

“Man, if I had that kind of authority, I’d keep my brother Jeffery’s butt constantly sore.”

“You’re only saying that because you can’t actually do it. If I couldn’t spank Tommy I’d probably think the same thing, but because I can and have, it’s different. It’s like if you don’t have the power to do something, you want it, but if you have it, you don’t feel you have to use it all the time. Tommy can be a handful, but he knows he can only push me so far. Most of the time all I have to do is warn him and he backs down because he knows what’ll happen if he doesn’t. Having him obey me like that is almost as cool as being able to spank him. Actually,” Alice reflected, “most of the time he treats me pretty good. Most of his spankings are for stuff he does or doesn’t do around the house. Ever since the perfume incident he doesn’t mess with me much at all....anymore. Probably because I take care of him, but also because he knows his worst spankings came from when he did something to me personally to make me angry.”

“Wow!” Elaine sighed, “I am so jealous! You have no idea how much I’d love to spank someone like that. I think it would be such a blast.”

The envious rave prompted Alice to have an idea. She was so tired of Tommy always bugging them because of his obvious crush on Elaine, and here was Elaine just dying for a chance to spank someone. She posed her question bluntly, “Would you like to spank my brother?”

“Sure! That would be wild! But how? I don’t think he’s just going to jump across my lap because I want him to,” Elaine snickered.

“You’d be surprised. It’s obvious he has a huge crush on you El, so he might do most anything to please you. But you’re right, agreeing to a spanking is a bit out there. We’ll need a plan.”

“Do you have anything in mind?” the eager friend leaned in curiously.

“Well I think the best plans are the simplest. So, I think I’m going to just let Tommy know what you’d like to do and toss in that you told me he was “cute”. I’ll also let him know that I think it’s a good idea and a great way to break the ice with you.”

“Break the ice? If you put it like that he’s going to get the idea I’m interested in him in a way I’m not,” Elaine squinted.

“That’s what I’m counting on. I’m not going to say you are, but I’m going to let him think what he wants, you know, sort of let himself be fooled by his own wishes. And to sort of make the spanking part more agreeable to him, I’m going to say that it won’t be some extra spanking for nothing but that the next time he’s due to get one from me, I’m just going to have you do it in my place. This way he isn’t getting anything worse than he would have gotten anyway....just from someone else. Since he knows how I spank, getting one from you instead might seem like a better deal.”

“Why? You think I can’t spank as good as you?” her friend huffed at the implication.
Alice laughed, “no silly, I’m sure as eager as you are you’ll do great. But he might think it, and that is a good thing for you if it makes him agree, right?”

Elaine frowned playfully, “I suppose you’re right. But between you and me, if I do get your brother on my lap I’m going to spank him until he can’t sit.”

“Well good, because like I said, whatever he gets is going to be because he did something to deserve it. So you better do a good job,” Alice playfully warned.

“Oh I will,” Elaine grinned, ”you can count on it!”

Later when Alice sat Tommy down and told him about the proposal, his face expressed a mix of shock and interest. The spanking part confused him. If Elaine thought he was cute and wanted to spend time with him, he would have thought going to a movie together would be a much better idea, but Alice explained that anybody can go to a movie but that Elaine sort of went crazy when she had heard about his spankings. Tommy blushed hearing that Elaine knew about them and complained to Alice about having told her something like that. She just explained that it wasn’t her gossiping to be mean but that it just sort of ‘slipped out’, but that he should be glad it did since Elaine hadn’t expressed an interest in spending time with him before but certainly wanted to now in order to satisfy her curiosity about spanking. Alice then went on to tell him that whatever spanking he got from Elaine would be one he deserved and one he’d get anyway….and to add a little pressure she assured him that since she was Elaine’s best friend, that if he refused this offer, she’d make sure his next spanking from her would be blistering. That threat brought him closer to agreeing but before he did, he asked his sister if she thought that if he did this for Elaine, would she perhaps be more inclined to maybe go out with him. Up until now, everything Alice had told him was true, but she knew that Elaine wasn’t going to go on a date with Tommy. Still she could see that he was very, very close to agreeing and since she wanted this to happen as much as Elaine, she answered in a way that didn’t promise anything but deceptively left the door open. 

“I don’t know, Tommy,” she replied, “she is older than you you know. But since this seems to be something she is very excited about, maybe if you’re the person who makes her wish come true, she might be very grateful for that. You never know with people. Sometimes you just have to take a chance.”

Tommy thought about it a bit longer. A lot of what Alice said seemed to make sense and though he would never admit it to his sister, he couldn’t help thinking the idea was a bit exciting in and of itself. Even if it was just a spanking, something about the idea seemed very different when he pictured Elaine as the one holding the hairbrush. Up until now, it had always been his mother or his sister, and being over their laps for a punishment just seemed appropriately awful. Yet even after those spankings he always found himself feeling inexplicably close to whoever had punished him. Post spanking hugs were sort of an unspoken part of the whole ritual regardless of whether Alice or his mother had administered the punishment. His mother even added a kiss to the top of his head. So despite the burning sting in his bottom, Tommy simply could not separate spankings from an act of love, even though that love had always been familial. This situation was a little different. Elaine wasn’t family, and the idea of being over her lap with his pants down seemed very naughty and appealing, even if the result was a sore behind. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more he thought this could be the best idea ever. In his head he began to imagine the scene with the aftermath leading to a budding romance. He pictured presenting himself to Elaine as a sort of willing, living sacrifice, bravely risking whatever pain was inflicted as proof of his devotion. Of course he’d quietly endure it all with manly stoicism, so that by punishment’s end Elaine would look upon him with admiration and love. He would be her gallant ‘Tom Sawyer’ and she his grateful ‘Becky’. The words ‘Tom, how could you be so noble’ repeated in his head. Once Tommy had formally agreed, his newfound desire to experience Elaine’s spanking grew to exponential proportion.

Tommy didn’t try very hard to stay out of trouble in the days that followed. It wasn’t long before Alice ended up facing her brother, hands on her hips, face flushed in anger after finding some important letters he was supposed to mail days earlier still lying on his dresser. She instructed him to mail the letters immediately while she called Elaine, still too honestly upset to fully enjoy the fruition of her scheme. The guilty slacker practically raced to the mailbox and back in gleeful anticipation of the adventure he had embellished in his mind. Once back home, Alice had him wait in her room, nose to a corner in disgrace. But Tommy didn’t feel disgraced at all. He couldn’t wait for Elaine to arrive. Hearing her come through the door he couldn’t help but get excited, but as soon as she greeted Alice, his imagined encounter deteriorated into a much different reality.

“Hi Alice,” Elaine said with a frown, “here I am!”

“Good,” Alice replied a bit coldly, though her frostiness was not meant for her friend, 
“then we can get started. You can sit there, Elaine,” she said pointing to the edge of her bed. Turning to her brother she continued, “and you, mister, can step out of that corner and come here.”

Tommy did as bid already feeling less like the heroic sacrifice he had imagined and more like a guilty little boy about to ‘get it’. He came over to Elaine who looked up at him not with admiration but disappointment. All of her characteristic perkiness had drained from her voice. “Alice told me what you did, Tommy. Or I should say ‘didn’t do’. She said those letters were bills that your parents had to pay, and that there was a chance now that they could arrive late. That’s very serious and very irresponsible of you,” Elaine scolded genuinely. There was no play-acting to her tone, and no appreciation that Tommy was about to make her wish come true. Despite the playful aspect of the agreement, his genuine misbehavior had made the situation all too real for everyone involved, with the only difference being a change in disciplinarian. 

Alice pounced on the guilty boy as well. Turning to her brother she placed her hand on her hip and waved a finger at him, “You sir, are really going to get it, and I’m going to be right here to make sure. Now go to your room and remove those clothes and get back here quick, and do not forget to bring Mom’s hairbrush. Now move!” she barked angrily.

Tommy hadn’t planned on any of this. This is not the scene he had pictured at all. He especially hadn’t planned on Alice being present. But the two girls didn’t seem to be playing around or kidding. And he began to realize that his almost intentional laziness had very real and serious implications and now...real consequences as well. He darted off and did as told trying not to think too much about anything but getting through this. He also hadn’t planned on being totally naked in front of Elaine. That thought was mortifying and yet he knew he was genuinely stuck in the arrangement he had agreed to. He knew better than to stall when his sister was this upset, so despite his feelings, he just resigned himself to his fate and tore off his clothes, bounded to his parents’ room to snatch the brush, and quickly returned to the waiting pair using the large brush to shield his naked front. Despite their genuine annoyance, the sight of him naked and cowed behind the brush triggered a reflexive bout of snickers from the teens. They were after all only human.

“Give the brush to Elaine, Tommy,” his sister ordered as she grew stern once again. As he did he deftly substituted his free hand as a replacement for its blocking ability and then added the second in a downward triangle of fingers. But Alice was not going to allow her brother such modesty nor deny her friend the chance at another giggle or two. “Now, back to the corner with you. Nose in, hands at your sides, while we decide what to do with you.”

Tommy obeyed, grateful his front was facing the corner even though his bare back and bottom were on full display. He knew his bottom would eventually be exposed at some point so he couldn’t really object too much. As he stood there waiting, he could hear the two conspiring on his comeuppance in whispers. After a seeming eternity, Elaine called out to him, “Tommy, I think we need to discuss this behavior of yours.”

“Turn around and look at Elaine when she’s talking to you,” Alice snapped and added, “and keep those hands where they are!” 

The boy turned with his barely pubescent parts on display for all to see. Again, despite the overall somber atmosphere, the girls couldn’t suppress another bout of snickers as Tommy blushed a deep mauve. After composing herself, Elaine addressed the sheepish victim, “I want you to tell me why you’re here.”

Being so entirely obsessed with the agreement, Tommy initially responded in that vein, “um well Alice told me you wanted to spank me and……”

“No, no, Tommy. That may explain why I am here instead of just your sister, but that’s not why you’re here is it?” Elaine gently scolded.

“No, Elaine, I’m here because I forgot to mail those letters.”

“That’s better,” she replied continuing, “that’s exactly why you are here. You are here because you deserve to be here. You are here because you were bad, isn’t that so?”

“Yes, Elaine.”

“Do you have anything to say, Tommy?” she asked. Tommy blushed at the honest confrontation and eventually managed to stammer out an apology. Elaine nodded in acceptance of the admission and continued, “OK, it’s good you accept you were wrong, but you do realize such misbehavior calls for punishment, right?” Tommy nodded too embarrassed to speak. “And I believe an incident like this calls for serious punishment, am I right, Alice?”

“Absolutely,” she agreed eagerly.

“OK, come on over her and get over my lap. It’s time to teach you a lesson about responsibility.”

Tommy did as bid, no longer able to see himself as anything heroic, just a bad boy about to get spanked. And that’s exactly how Elaine treated him. Never had a naked bottom been presented to her so closely. The only ones she had ever seen before were in pictures or movies. She had only glimpsed her own brother’s behind briefly and only when he was very young, and now she had a warm, living specimen right under her nose. And what made it even more enjoyable was that it belonged to someone she knew! Tommy wasn’t husky but not skinny either. His posterior, due in part to his age and in part to his build, still bore the cherubic aspect of a child’s. Each pale, peach-like cheek curved plumply away from a deep divide with no hint yet of manly firmness or angularity. Utterly hairless and goosepimply, the youthful bottom-skin vaguely resembled a subtler version of plucked, raw chicken. Elaine had not expected rump skin to look so different from arm skin or back skin. The revelation intrigued her enough to palp the surface to examine the unique texture only to find that the flesh, while looking so different, felt exactly like her own. Something in that discovery amused her. She smiled at the almost accidental circumstances resulting in this poor boy’s bottom to be in such imminent peril while she sat securely upon her own. The tender offering, poised so temptingly, taunted the novice disciplinarian to thoroughly cook the fresh poultry meat so vulnerably presented to her.

She landed her first stinging swat with gleeful malice, fully amused by her victim’s reflexive and sincere ‘ouch’. With an occasional smiling glance towards her observing friend, she concentrated on smacking the smooth, jiggling boy-cheeks until they were swollen and red. Any hope Tommy had of appearing brave disappeared before Elaine was even halfway through with him. For most of the spanking he wriggled and kicked, initially yipping, ‘ouch’-ing, and ‘ow’-ing, and later promising his usual litany of “I’ll be good”s to an amused audience of two. At first Tommy tried to better endure the sting by clenching his buttocks tightly, but after the smacks kept landing, even the clenching didn’t help and he desperately found himself flexing and relaxing asynchronously to the unpredictable rhythm of Elaine’s varied assault. Sometimes Elaine would smack a single cheek repeatedly, at other times she’d alternate her strokes. Sometimes she’d hit a tensed buttock and sometimes she’d strike just as Tommy relaxed. Never knowing which cheek would be struck next nor when induced a sort of wanton panic. Eventually Tommy just twisted about desperately with no concern for modesty or stoicism, offering Elaine quite a show. Not only did the wrangling give proof of her spanking effectiveness, but also resulted in the occasional added flashing of Tommy’s most private and personal orifice each time he wildly sprawled himself over her lap. If seeing her friend’s naked bottom and privates wasn’t amusing enough, seeing him expose his darkened crinkle each time he splayed his legs seemed inappropriately hysterical. The thrashing about, and thrashing itself, continued for a while until he just collapsed and endured Elaine’s final punishing spanks with moaning acceptance, too thoroughly vanquished to resist or react. Once Tommy surrendered to the spanking, Elaine began to get bored. She had truly enjoyed the wriggling and yelping displayed earlier. But she did find the limp surrender initially novel and experimented with the accepting state by seeing how hard she could hit. She frowned at his lack of reaction, but was pleased with the colorful proof of her strength and skill as her brutal smacks raised blistery welts across the slack backside. Once she stopped, she felt compelled to touch the altered surface for comparison. The bottom-skin now felt swollen, leathery, and hot, randomly studded with hard nubs. Then she quietly instructed Tommy to get up and stand back in his corner signaling his compliance with an almost loving and playful series of gentle hand-pats to the scorched mounds. 

Into the corner he shuffled chastised and defeated, and in that shameful corner he remained. He was still there sniffling and trembling as if chilled as she finished discussing something out of earshot with Alice, before coming over and giving him a friendly hug. All she said was “bye, Tommy. Be a good boy from now on, OK?” as she grinned proudly at the raw cheeks still reflexively quivering from their ordeal at her hands. 
To which he just instinctively replied, “yes, Ma’am,” a response that did nothing to show him as anything other than a contrite, little boy respecting authority.

About a week later Tommy had bounced back from his painful and embarrassing encounter to the degree that he once again felt that perhaps the experience had bonded the two after all. It seemed to him that each time Elaine had seen him after that day, rather than tease, she just smiled at him even more warmly than ever before. His behind was fully recovered as well, although the hard spanking had left him sore for almost three days. One afternoon after Elaine had been visiting his sister, a confident Tommy followed her home to ask a big question. As he approached her near her home she noticed him and turned to greet him warmly. 

“Hi, Tommy,” she said in her usual perky tone.

“Hi, Elaine. Hey, if you have a minute I kind of wanted to talk to you.”

“OK, actually I kind of wanted to talk to you as well. It’s been about a week since our ‘little adventure’ and we’ve never really talked about it,” she frowned.

Tommy fidgeted and looked briefly downward as he replied, “yeah, you’re right. I guess I felt a little funny bringing it up right after.”

“That makes sense. I’m sure it probably felt weird to see me out in the neighborhood and at your house considering everything that happened,” the girl nodded as she considered what the impact of their encounter would have had on him especially.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Tommy began but Elaine jumped in to continue.

“I mean we’ve known each other for years, but it was just as friends, you know. It’s hard to think that way now though.”

Tommy couldn’t believe his ears. The spanking had worked. It had bonded them. “Do you think it made us closer?” Tommy asked.

Elaine nodded affirmatively and without hesitation looking very seriously into the hopeful boy’s eyes, “yes, I think so. Don’t you?”

“Absolutely,” Tommy beamed!

“Oh that’s so good to hear,” the girl almost sighed in relief before continuing, “I actually feel even better now. I mean it would be terrible if what happened caused you to hate me. I know I spanked you pretty hard and your butt was really red and sore looking by the time I stopped. I was afraid you might resent how hard I punished you.”

“Oh I don’t hate you at all, Elaine,” Tommy lovingly responded with soulful eyes. “After all I’m the one who misbehaved. I deserved what I got.”

“Yeah,” Elaine perked, “that’s exactly how I saw it. I mean at first I was just sort of curious to see what it felt like to spank someone, and I was really happy that you agreed to let me try. I saw you as a really good friend who was being really brave and doing me a risky favor I was grateful for. The whole thing seemed like a secret, naughty adventure between friends. But when that day arrived and your sister told me what you did, I found myself taking the situation very seriously. Your misbehavior was real and it made the whole situation real too. I felt like instead of indulging a wish…. I had a responsibility. It changed the way I looked at the whole thing. I saw you more like another brother, a stepbrother, someone I felt close to and responsible for instead of just a friend. And I punished you hard because I really felt you deserved it and that instead of you doing me a favor, maybe, even if you didn’t see it that way at the time, maybe I really was doing you a favor by being strict with you….not to be mean but because I cared about you and wanted the best for you. I mean, I know some of what happened was a bit funny for me and I know I couldn’t help giggling at times, but I can’t say I found the overall situation funny. I just found it to be....I don’t know ....fitting?”

Tommy’s heart sunk. “So, you see me as a brother?” he asked with a slight air of heartache which Elaine misread as sentimentality. The thought of Tommy accepting her as a stepsister of sorts touched her and she impetuously hugged him.

“Oh yes, Tommy, definitely. I feel so much closer to you now than ever before. Like family. And I want you to know that if you feel you want to accept me as another sister, I would be happy to be there for you...for advice or .....whatever.”

“ ‘Whatever’ being another spanking I suppose?” Tommy replied sarcastically. But Elaine was feeling so elated, she missed his true meaning.

“Why, sure, Tommy! If that’s what you feel you want or need, I wouldn’t hesitate to spank you anytime you deserved it. I’d look at it as a sort of responsibility as someone who cares about you and wants you to be a good boy. And Tommy, this might be a touchy subject, but I know you sort of had a crush on me. I felt a little guilty that you might have agreed to all this because of that, but now I feel we can really move on past that, you know? That day changed us both I think. I’d like to think so anyway. I mean I definitely see you differently, and I would think you would have to see me differently too. Before I was just some girl you liked that hung out with your sister, but from now on I think I will always be the person who cared enough to punish you as seriously as any mother would. I am thinking that maybe me spanking you cured you of your crush and replaced it with something better.”

Tommy didn’t reply. He remained silent and then excused himself. He was heartbroken but couldn’t muster any anger at Elaine. He still liked her and she had just confessed to some deep and genuine feelings that though they weren’t what he had hoped for, were pretty sweet nonetheless. And she was right about the crush. Now that she had confessed her feelings about that day, how could he ever look at her as someone to ogle and desire? She hadn’t just play-spanked him in secret where they could look at each other and nod and wink and snicker together at their naughty, private adventure, she really punished him and she knew it ....and said so. He knew it too. She had put him over her lap and smacked his naked bottom until he kicked and cried and promised to be good.... all with his own sister there as witness. How do you go back to being ‘just friends’ after something like that?

“But what were you going to tell me?” she asked innocently.

“I was going to ask you something but…”

“No, go ahead,” Elaine prompted sincerely interested.

Tommy frowned but answered, “I was going to ask if you wanted to go to a movie sometime, but....”

“Oh hey, that would be great! We could all go together! You and your sister and me and my brother. It would be fun. Sure. Let me know if there’s something coming out you wanna see and I’ll discuss it with Alice. We’ll be like one big family.”

Tommy just nodded at the final suggestion. He forced a smile, said ‘sure’, and ‘goodbye’ before heading home dejected. He was even a bit upset that Elaine had been so nice. It would have been different if she teased him or talked down to him, but she didn’t. He couldn’t even hate her now, since he actually shared some of the same feelings she admitted to while also hoping for an entirely different outcome. He was so hurt and conflicted he didn’t know what to do. However, in thinking it all over he began to think that Elaine wasn’t to blame for this mess. It was Alice.

Tommy returned home feeling betrayed. Elaine, the object of his youthful affections had spanked him raw without wishing for anything more. He paid a dear price in the hopes of winning her romantic affections only to realize his personal sacrifice served only to bond them in some fraternal way. But what was worse was that his own sister had set him up. As he approached his house he saw Alice seated on the porch steps listening to her portable radio. Storming up to her he launched into a barrage of accusations. Initially startled by the attack, Alice quickly recovered enough to address each of her brother’s points.

“Look, Tommy, everything I told you was true. I never told you Elaine wanted to go on a date with you, I told you she said you were cute and that she really wanted to spank you…all true. The movie date was your big hope, and seriously, did you really think that was going to happen? Do you think someone in the 8th grade is going to go out with a 6th grader? Do you know anyone else who is doing that? Sorry, Tommy, but your crush is what crushed you. OK, maybe I let you believe what you wanted to believe so that Elaine could get her wish, but that’s it.”

Tommy heard the explanation but it didn’t help. With a stiffened lip he pushed past his sister murmuring, “you still set me up,” now more determined than ever to exact revenge.
Alice remained on the steps thinking about her part in all that happened when she saw her mother walk up the block. They chatted briefly but she said nothing about Tommy. Eventually her mother went inside and Alice sat back down recalling her brother’s hurt expression with growing regret. She may not have lied outright…but she did trick him, and she tricked him intentionally. She waited to build up her nerve and then strode into their home determined to apologize, but upon entering the kitchen she could see her mother was upset.

“What’s up, Mom?” she asked.

“Your brother! You’re not going to believe what he did….and you in particular are not going to like it,” the frustrated matriarch fumed.


“I came in to find this floating in the fish tank,” Emily replied as she lifted a dripping stuffed lion from the sink.

“He drowned Hugo?” Alice moaned.

“I doubt it was suicide, dear. Besides, he confessed. I have him in custody in my room awaiting sentence.”

“Can I see the prisoner?” Alice asked, playing along with the droll criminal analogy.

“As far as I’m concerned, you can do more than that. After all, Hugo was your favorite,” her mother replied and as she saw Alice head towards the room, added, “the hairbrush is where it always is!” Alice merely turned and smiled half-heartedly at her mother’s clear implication and turned open the knob to confront her brother.
Upon opening the door Tommy looked up at her with a frown. “Come to gloat?” he asked as he got up from his parents’ bed, shuffled over to the vanity, picked up his mother’s hairbrush and handed it to his sister as she looked back quizzically. “Don’t look surprised. I could hear what Mom said to you. I get it. Regardless of what happened, I drowned Hugo. And even though I was mad at you when I did it, I felt bad as soon as I saw him floating in the tank. So if it means anything, I’m sorry. Hugo didn’t deserve to be dunked like that. He was an innocent victim.”

Alice smiled back, “actually he’s not the only one I think. You were right. I did purposely trick you. I just used the truth…or part-truths…to do it. But it was still pretty mean.”

“Why did you do it, Alice?” Tommy asked in a hurt tone.

“It’s stupid really. I hated you always bugging Elaine and me because of you liking her so much. It was annoying, especially since the way you tried to impress her was by being nice to her and mean to me.”

Tommy hung his head and admitted, “yeah, you’re right, I did do that. I guess I was just trying to be funny, but it wasn’t nice. I’m sorry for that too, I guess. So there, now you have two good reasons to use that,” he said pointing at the brush.

“I don’t think so, Tommy. In fact,“ Alice sighed with a newfound nervousness, “maybe I should be handing this to you, and not just to put it back, but to use it.”

Tommy blinked at the suggestion, “you mean……” his question trailed unfinished but understood.

Alice blushed but only nodded at first, then finding her words continued, “it’s only fair. There’s no way I could spank you knowing why you did what you did. Maybe this is one time when it should be me getting that brush and not you.”

Tommy frowned in deep thought then looked at Alice tilting his head slightly as he did. The lengthy, silent scrutiny unsettled her. “What?” she blurted desperate to break the silence.

“Have you ever been spanked?” Tommy asked bluntly.

“Mom’s swatted me a few times when I was really young and did something stupid or dangerous.”

“I don’t mean a swat or two over your clothes. I mean like what I get.”

“Never,” Alice admitted.

“Well if you’re smart, you’ll keep it that way,” Tommy warned.

“I appreciate your concern, Tommy, but I’m just trying to be fair. I mean heck, I’ve spanked you lots of times when you deserved it. I just think maybe this is one time I deserve it.” Alice paused then added, “actually, I’m surprised you’re not jumping at the chance to get even.”

“Well, first off, when it comes to you and me and the whole way we live, we’re never going to be ‘even’. Mom’s never given me permission to spank you because you are in charge, not me. And second, well, I just couldn’t do it even with her permission. It just wouldn’t feel right, at least not between us. You’re my big sister, Alice. It’s one thing for you to spank me, but it’s just plain silly the other way around. Picture it, sis,” he continued. “Do you really want to have your bare bottom on top of my lap? And then have me of all people spank it? You want to be embarrassed and hurt like that… me? You think I deserve to have that power over you? I mean not only are you older than me, but, come on, even I know you are way more responsible than me. Why do you think I don’t give you a hard time when you decide to punish me?” Alice looked back in silent wonder at the question, prompting Tommy to immediately answer what he thought would have been obvious, “because, I trust you, silly. OK, so you’re not perfect, but who is?” Tommy turned and sighed. “Heck, if you’re that eager for a spanking, why not just ask Mom? I’m sure she’d oblige you.”

Alice thought about the suggestion. Tommy was right. Her mom would certainly spank her for what she did if she asked her to. She twisted her lips in thought and replied, “she would wouldn’t she?” Her brother nodded. “You think I should?” she asked honestly.

“Heck no!” he replied. “You can do what you want, but if you’re asking me there’s no way I’d tell you to ask for a spanking from Mom. Do you realize how much it will hurt? And I can’t picture it either. I just don’t see you as someone who should be spanked.”

“But you are?” she teased.
“Alice, I get spanked and still get into trouble. Can you imagine what I’d be like if I never got punished at all? It’s embarrassing to admit, but ‘yeah’ I think I am someone who needs to be spanked now and then to stay focused. Even now I sort of still feel like I deserve one…..I mean I really do feel guilty about Hugo. I mean…I don’t actually want to be spanked, but I feel maybe I should be, but if you are feeling guilty too why not just call this one even? Hugo balances out what you did by letting me think I had a chance with Elaine. The spanking she gave me is one I was gonna get from you anyway, so I can’t say I was punished unfairly.”

“Fair enough, besides, Hugo will dry out and if he’s a little fishy, I’ll just spray him with some perfume,” Alice smiled adding, “as long as there’s no food coloring in it.”

Tommy snickered at the reference and concluded, “Ok, so we’re good then?”

“Absolutely,” Alice beamed as she walked over and hugged her brother. As they embraced, she asked, “say, just out of curiosity, between me and Elaine...who’s the better spanker?” 

Tommy laughed and blushed at the question, but after a pause assured his sister that she was by far the undisputed champion with a hairbrush and then informed her of Elaine’s recent offer to be a sort of second sister and disciplinarian. Alice frowned in thought, 
“what do you think about that, Tommy?”

“I don’t know. I guess it’s up to you, not me.”

Eyeing her brother, Alice stroked her chin, “well to be honest, even though I only planned on giving Elaine this one chance, there was a part of me that was thinking that depending on how she did, it might be fun to have her as a sort of discipline partner. But the day she punished you I couldn’t help but feel a little cheated and even a bit jealous. I liked that your butt was getting a good and thorough thrashing and that she was getting her wish, but I kept thinking that it should have been me spanking you, not her. So,” the pondering sister concluded, “if it’s up to me, I say your misbehaving butt belongs to me and no one else….except of course, Mom.”

“I kind of like that idea, sis,” the beaming brother nodded. “I hate to admit this out loud, but I guess I kind of like having you in charge.”

Alice smirked coyly, “by ‘in charge’ you mean you like that I spank you?” Tommy blushed deeply and looked quickly at his feet, prompting his sister to continue, ”come on, you can admit it. Don’t be a chicken.”

“OK, yeah. There, I said it. Even though they hurt and are embarrassing, I sort of like knowing I have you keeping me in line.”

“Well I’m glad to hear that, Tommy, because I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I like spanking you. Roasting your butt when you deserve it is one of life’s simple joys,” she chuckled. “You know, I’m glad we got to talk like this. Before today I sort of saw spanking in our house as a bit one-sided but still something that could happen to anyone. And I suppose that is sort of true, but now I see that maybe it’s good that it’s one-sided, that it’s the way it should be. Some people maybe just need to be spanked and some people are just meant to be the ones doing the spanking.”

As they exited the bedroom friends once again, their mother confronted the pair with hands on her hips. “So what’s your decision, Alice?”

“No spanking from me, Mom. Tommy apologized and promised not to do it again, So I’m OK with that. Besides, while you were at work I was a little mean to Tommy as well, but we worked it out.”

“Fair enough,” she sighed and rolling her eyes continued, “I don’t even want to know about whatever it was. I doubt I’d get a straight answer from either of you two anyway. But if you are satisfied with an apology, that’s good enough for me. You can go.”

Alice smiled at her Mom and started to head back outside when she heard her mother call out to her brother who had been following close behind her. “Not you, mister!” she barked at her son. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Outside with Alice, mom,” he replied innocently.

“Oh, no you’re not, at least not yet. There’s a little matter of a certain fish tank incident we need to deal with first.”

“But Alice just told you that she’s OK with my apology,” the confused boy stammered.

“True, and that’s fine for you and Alice and Hugo, but I’m not talking about Hugo, but rather the spilled fish water all over the table and rug. And the fact that I now have to add water to the tank to replace what was spilled and soaked up in Hugo....not to mention the trauma to Goldie and Tang by having a soggy lion in their tank. So I think you need to bring that butt of yours here right now so we can settle this.” Turning to Alice who was looking back at this sudden turn of events in a bit of wide-eyed surprise, she added, “oh and Alice, dear, before you head out, would you mind getting my hairbrush from the vanity, please?”

“Sure Mom,” the stunned girl replied as she slowly obeyed her mother’s request, feeling awkward at being the one to bring the dreaded implement back so that it could be used on her recently-forgiven brother. When she returned with the brush, she found Tommy already in place awaiting his fate, bare bottom high in the air atop his Mom’s lap.

“Thanks, dear,” she replied as she took the implement and began to energetically apply it to her son’s squirming seat.

Alice watched silently in a state of disbelief as fate cruelly overturned her and her brother’s recent acts of exchanged mercy.’ Or’…… she thought with a growing grin, rewarded them. After all, since Tommy’s act of rebellion didn’t just affect her, it wasn’t her fault if her mother was less forgiving than her, and now he was sort of getting his wish for a spanking for the incident....just not from her. His guilt would soon be alleviated even if it meant a sore behind. She watched the brush land again and again leaving ever darkening patches of pink in their wake and pictured herself in his place. It was what she had considered submitting to just a short time earlier for her own feelings of guilt. In fact, even though her brother had dismissed the opportunity, she knew that once her mother was done with Tommy, it would not be terribly difficult to confess herself into a similar fate. Given adequate reason she knew her mother wouldn’t hesitate to spank her as well………even if she never had before. She watched the brush land, heard the crisp slaps of each impact, and heard too the yips and ouches emanating from the victim. That struggling and yelping victim could easily be her and part of her still felt she deserved it as much as Tommy if not more-so, since it was her trick that caused Tommy to make the mess. But that guilt was between her and Tommy, not their mother. What could possibly be gained now by sharing Tommy’s fate at her hands especially when Tommy had already forgiven her and declined her offer to punish her? She recalled Tommy’s warning when she admitted to a spankless existence: ”if you’re smart you’ll keep it that way” he had said. Well, Alice certainly wasn’t stupid. Watching her mother and brother as ‘spanker’ and ‘spanked’ made it abundantly clear which was the more desirable position to be in and it wasn’t the one with your naked bottom stuck out in the breeze getting whacked. Her little bit of guilt didn’t seem to be worth what she saw and she smiled a bit smugly at the knowledge that her young bottom had never suffered Tommy’s fate, nor likely ever would in the future.

Still pondering it all, Alice watched the spanking as it progressed to the stage where Tommy was in a state of honest desperation. His sneakers had prevented his pants from being kicked off completely, but his thrashing about had forced them into a binding tangle at his ankles as his behind danced and hopped and clenched and unclenched futilely. He was held fast by a strong arm as another strong arm applied the brush. He now desperately apologized and promised angelic behavior in the future as Alice just stayed there watching and listening. Her mother neither minded nor required her presence but at one point she looked up at her daughter in between smacks and smiled at her. It was a look of mutual understanding, a bonding moment of shared satisfaction between two disciplinarians separated only by age. Alice smiled back before her mother refocused her attention on the task at hand, but even as her mother looked away, Alice’s smile remained. There was no doubt that her brother was getting it but good. And soon her initial sympathy waned in favor of amusement. There was no escaping the fact that spankings really are funny… no matter their reason..…as long as they are happening to someone else. Any desire to switch places now shifted solely in one direction: if there was anyone she’d want to trade places with right now, it was her mother.

The end

Art by Sassy Bottom