DOUBLE DARE ( the event is real, only the names have been changed)

I tend to view my past experiences with a sense of nostalgia, even when aspects of the event were more disasterous than successful. We recall the things that had an impact on us, and despite the glitches, we still retain fondness for the memory, especially when the overall event had powerful impact. One such event took place for me nearly 25 years ago when I was in Grad school.

It started as a dare. I dared my fiance Beth to name three women that she would be willing to share a co-dominating spanking session with. My obligation would be to do the actual asking. If one refused, I would have to move onto the next until either someone accepted or all refused. My next obligation would be to passively submit to the selected candidate's discipine the same as I would to Beth's. No complaints. No backing out. Beth's obligation would also be to follow through should one of her choices accept.

At the time of the dare she seemed willing enough to accept and gave real consideration to her choices: Dora, my best friend's fairly wild and sexy sister, Molly, an equally adventurous but edgier friend from my school, and Lori, another mutual friend who gave the impression that such a prospect would not be totally unwelcome.

Now armed with my list, it was up to me to begin making the offers. The order was not dictated, so I chose to give Dora the first shot. I knew her the best and felt not only comfortable with her, but I trusted her also. She seemed like someone who would fully exploit the opportunity without losing her friendly intimacy. Openminded enough to not be shocked and mischievous enough to enjoy spanking me with impunity. She had been Beth's first choice also, sort of the obvious candidate among our circle of friends. 

Despite Dora being the perfect choice, the call itself was anything but easy. My voice quavered as my stomach fluttered while I blushed my way through a small talk preamble to the big question. I explained that I was no stranger to spanking but my experience had been with Beth alone. Then I explained the offer. Dora said very little at first and just took it all in and then with one line dashed my hopes.

"This sounds really great. I like it. In fact, I'd love to do it but I'm seeing someone right now that I don't think would understand." she declared and then continued, "I can't in good conscience agree without telling him, and I don't think you'd want me to do that either.........But I'd love to know how you make out."

In an instant my best prospect was gone.

My second choice required consideration. Lori would likely be a sure bet, but she scared me a bit. I  imagined her being almost dutifully sadistic without the sly edge that makes accepting a brutal paddling interesting. Molly was the one with that edge. A cute, very petite, and buxom art student from Brooklyn, she flaunted a teasing bitchiness while obviously living her own style of life. The vibes from her were positive for such an experiment. The only drawback about Molly was that all of my positive hunches were just that. I really didn't know her all that well, and she was not merely a classmate but also a technical advisor in my printmaking class. Ironically, with discipline in my school being nearly non-existent, Molly would often respond to me being late or cutting a class with a smile and the teasing comment: "You should be spanked." This seemed like a dead giveaway, but comments like these from people who turned out to be utterly vanilla fooled me in the past. We saw each other everyday and if I was wrong about her quirks, it could be very embarrassing. Molly, I would approach in person where I could watch and gauge her reactions.

One day I had given her a ride home to her apartment and hung out with her afterwards. After mentioning that I had something strange to discuss with her, she decided that we should go for a walk. Once again with that delicious attack of nerves..... stomach fluttering and voice shaking, I began to explain my situation and the bet. She did not scream or flee but actually smiled at my nervousness.

Moreso than Dora, Molly wanted to know specifics. So as we strolled along Atlantic Avenue I began to explain my relationship with Beth and the details of the dare. If she agreed, she'd be both witness and participant in a joint spanking. Beth would go first while she observed, and then she too would get a turn. Next she wanted to know about the spanking itself. I explained that the spanking would be over their laps and that some type of hairbrush or paddle would be used on my behind. Each detail made her more interested as she pondered each answer, obviously savoring my embarrassment and she'd then ask another question.

"Yes" I told her, "my pants will be down." as I blushed in the street to her delight.

"Tell me one more thing." she asked, "This it for real or is it more play-acted?"

"What do you mean?" I didn't understand what she was driving at.

"The spanking. Are you geting hit for real or is it more of a play-pat thing?"

I answered her almost pridefully that just like any other paddling Beth gave me, this one would hurt and leave my bottom red and tender. She thought that was amazing............especially since it meant she'd be delivering stinging smacks on her turn.   The true nature of the offer sunk in. She wasn't being asked to be some participating actress in some kinky fantasy scenario, she was being given the chance to give me, a friend from class, a real life bare-bottomed spanking. After a bit more discussion she agreed to the offer.


We planned a camping trip for the three of us to Stokes Forest. On the trip at some point, I'd get my double spanking, quite likely out in the woods with the sun shining down on my reddening cheeks and the birds and squirrels as witness. However, reality interfered with this idyllic daydream. Everything went wrong.
Molly was late to the train station, Beth was annoyed, and  it rained so hard we left the next morning cold, wet, and testy. We went back to my house where we all hung out for the day. Saturday was cold but dry and we all went fishing near my house. Things improved. Saturday evening, after I had already given up on our plans, my parents announced that they were going out shopping with my brother.. Beth, Molly, and I would be alone for hours. 

Beth and I talked privately and decided this was it: now or never and being a trooper, she agreed to make it now. We approached Molly in the living room where she was catnapping, having been cold and awake most of the prior night. When informed of our intention to execute our agreed-upon session now, she woke right up and sat upright, alert and smiling. I was instructed quite formally by Beth to procure an appropriate instrument of my choosing and to come back right away.

All the preparation of gathering an implement and changing into more convenient gym style shorts was done in a hurried giddiness of anticipation. I scurried about thinking: 'oh boy-oh boy, this is really it!' I was still in this adrenaline rush when I got back downstairs and unabashedly handed a bathbrush to Beth with boyish pluck saying, "I chose this because I thought it would be the easiest thing for Molly to handle for the first time."

Although physically present, my mind was fully lost in a dreamlike perception of my long-awaited fantasy.The actual reality was glossed over so many times by my imagined view of this event that when Beth announced that I should drop my pants, it was as if I had been awakened from a dream with a splash of cold water. In that split second I felt the reality of my situation for the very first time. Instead of characters with familiar faces in a fantasy whose actions and very thoughts I could control, I stood before two very real women who would think and do as they felt. They were waiting to spank me and I was stalling. The realization actually scared me.

I began to blabber some incoherent  nonsense in an attempt to regain my mental balance and accept this new 'real' reality, but my perceptive and no-nonsense fiance cut me off with cool, curt authority. "Stop talking and let's get moving."  The words were not as important as the tone which sent the true unspoken message: 'I'm in charge now!' It was a sentiment so apparent that it was not lost on me nor my friend. My fantasy had been wrested from my control and it was time for me to realize my place: I was the one about to be spanked and they were in charge.

I could see the self-satisfied glee on each smug face as the three of us grasped the situation for what it was. Beth had clearly ordered me to fully expose myself to both herself and Molly, for no other reason than to demonstrate her authority. Had Beth's intention merely been preparing my bottom she could have just as easily sat down and had me bare myself once over her lap, but she wasn't even in position. Having me drop my pants beforehand, where I now stood, was not about baring my bottom. Molly seemed eager for my unveiling, though I don't know if it was prurient curiosity at seeing me naked, or just having me humbled on my Mistress' command.

Still, the moment I took a breath and hooked my thumbs under both waistbands was the most thrilling and memorable moment of the evening. I will never forget how I felt: utterly dominated. My face flushed. I knew  this one gesture would encapsulate the whole point of the evening.......and the dare itself. With a bold swish, I pushed both shorts and underwear to my ankles and stepped out of them so I could stand naked and obedient. Both smiled as I stood there fully aware of their scrutiny and delight. Molly's attention was not discreet. She just stared at what she wished to see. Beth smirked, not at seeing what she had seen so often before, but with the contentment of showing off her authority and she seemed ready to top that achievement by next demonstrating her skill with a brush.

Beth rose and walked to the sofa and sat, beckoning me across her lap. It was a position I was no stranger to, so I found my spot and settled in compliantly. We both did our shifts and adjustmments until we were both ready.  If Molly had any doubts about whether this spanking was play-acted or earnest, Beth must have quickly dispelled them. Never having been one to believe in warm-ups, Beth spanked me the same way whether we were playing or involved in a punishment. Her first swats are almost impossible to take and I did my best not to overreact and embarrass myself further in front of my friend, but even if i did not cry out, I could do nothing to lessen the loud clap of the bathbrush against my naked rear or the rosy hue that deepened with each smack.

Beth decided that each spanking would be fifty swats. Even in those days, 50 swats were a moderate dose, but she did her best to make an impression, lecturing Molly on techniques as she spanked. When I was let up my bottom was warm and stinging. To my surprise, Molly opted to stand beside the sofa rather than have me across her lap. Being petite this could have been for many reasons from comfort to a bit of distancing, but the prone position left my bottom in too flat a position and so I voluntarily arched it up to politely offer a better target.

She began rather timidly, slapping my bottom almost gently with the bathbrush. Beth saw this immediately and encouraged her to hit harder saying "Oh you can hit harder than that! Who knows when you'll ever get a chance like this again?" It was all Molly needed to really begin paddling with gusto. I could no longer keep my hips up constantly but dropped down and winced after each swat only to regain my composure and submissively arch up for the next. Toward the end she really laid much so that I know that the crescent shaped bruise I had afterwards was from one of her last ten smacks.

The joint spanking was now ended and as I got up to retrieve my clothes, Molly blurted out in the pleased wonder of a surprised child, "Look at his butt!.....It's like two patches." Her description was certainly accurate enough and nothing I was surprised to discover, but coming from her in such a blunt jovial exclamation made me feel a bit humiliated at being the one whose bottom provided her with this new visual discovery. For Beth and me those characteristic patches, though always fun souvenirs, were not novel, and now I was being reminded....innocently but dramatically......of how ridiculous my spanked bottom must appear to an 'outsider'.....a vanilla, for whom the mere sight of a friend's bare bottom would be novel enough, even without the added color.


Once clothed, I joined the girls in the kitchen where we talked for quite a while about a great number of things before the recent incident was even mentioned. When it was brought up, it was in a good-natured way that acknowledged my stoicism. The best compliment a spanking recipient can receive is that they "took it well".........which is what my grinning co-disciplinarians were telling me. Beth then asked after the condition of the punished area. Instead of inflating their soaring egos any further, I teased provocatively by saying, "I'm a little tender, but overall it really wasn't so bad."

"Oh really? Do you want more?" Beth threatened.

I called her bluff saying "That is up to you. I don't remember putting any restrictions on tonight. If you wanted to do something else, I am not in a position to refuse."

Molly was loving where this was headed and smiled broadly as Beth also grinned and concluded "OK, if you want another round...let's go."

Based on some of the comments during our talk in the kitchen, I was thinking she might change the conditions of my next ordeal, but she merely told me to drop my pants and climb aboard her lap for another fifty. I must admit she handled the whle thing in a manner that was "pure Beth". Everything in her tone and demeanor suggested that my upcoming installment would be a result of my own wishes but would be no picnic. This left me with compliance that labelled me a greedy sub or backing out, which would have made me look like a coward. I really could not win and given the excitement in the air, decided to comply at the risk of looking eager. As I stripped off my shorts, Molly cackled in a nasally Brooklyn drawl, "Look, he loves it!" which made me blush.

Beth's second fifty were pure punishment. I began to think that maybe she really wasn't enjoying all this and the current paddling was meant to convey her annoyance. (I later found out that this was true.) It was very hard to control myself as Beth spanked me and I wonder if Molly noticed the difference. She seemed quieter and less jovial as she watched so I suppose she did. When the fifty were done I literally slumped off of Beth's lap onto my knees next to her, where she curtly asked "How was THAT?" I held my bottom honestly and admitted that it was certainly intense. If there is anything I would change about that scene, it would have been how I handled that moment. In retrospect, I should have dropped further down and layed kiss after kiss on her sneakered feet professing thanks for a bottom well done. The sight of me doing that with blazing bottom aloft in front of another woman, might have been the boost to her ego she earned.

When it became Molly's turn she did want her second installment to be different. She asked if I had any rope and suggested that she tie me up totally naked rather than just with my pants off before delivering her fifty. It was getting late and my parents might soon be returning, so Beth offered to stand lookout while Molly dealt with me upstairs in my room. I got the rope and stripped for Molly, who had me lay on my back with my legs high up over my head. She tied my wrists to my ankles leaving my bottom bent tightly and pointing straight up. Taking up a position alongside me, she began to spank away.

While this position might have been ideal for a whipping, it wasn't great for a paddling...especially on my small bony rear. Still, Molly landed some hard ones apparently enjoying the way I bounced under the blows. She seemed very focused and intent and only much later did I come to realize that in this position my anus was fully exposed and probably putting on quite a show of clenching and relaxing with each smack. Based on later conversations, I believe this involuntary side-show is what my friend found so amusing and watched so intently.

Once she had landed all of her fifty, she untied me and let me up. I dressed as she coiled the rope and asked me about how I felt being the recipient of all this painful and embarrassing attention. I offered her the option of experiencing it for herself adding I would be happy to do the honors personally. Without pause she merely rolled her eyes and admonished me in a slow teasing whine, "But Ken, I'm your T.A.". Again I felt a wave of humiliation as my male pride was so easy deflated. Her implication was deliciously dominant: it was fine and even appropriate that I could be treated this way by her, but it was ridiculous to think that she would ever allow me to do these things to her.

Soon after my parents did indeed return home and Beth and I drove Molly back home to Brooklyn. While the night was memorable for me in many ways, it had its tense moments. Among my regrets for that evening were some simple oversights that I attribute to youth and inexperience.......and the awkwardness of the situation. I think it would have been a nice touch for all parties concerned if I had thought to spend the after time serving the two of them, possibly even kissing their feet in thanks. Or perhaps if the two of them talked while I stood in the corner with my spanked bottom on shameful display? It might have brought the two of them together....... or at least accentuated their shared evening of power by letting them enjoy the attention and feel extra special. That they both deserved and I somehow missed the chance.