The originals are the ones with the white backgrounds. The customized versions are framed with orange borders.
"Fluffy is eating my goddam candy!
 I hope he eats the chocolate first!"
"Oh, poor Princess ate too much candy and has a belly ache?"
[ while somewhere in "Pet Heaven", Fluffy is laughing his fuzzy ass off ]
"Pull my finger!"
" 'Pull my finger'? Fuck that! What I needed was a gin Martini!"
"Not me."
"If you gotta fart, do it over there by the cattle."
"I live to serve!"
"You live to serve!"
​"Come and get it!"
[When I saw this figure set, I immediately thought of this simple tweak............
[ This one I leave up to the viewer to decide what's going on down there. It's only as bad as your own dirty mind! ]
"What's up?"
"I'm considering a sex change."
"I was wrong. Life is not better as a man. Ouch!"
[These three were born to be spankers!]
[ I always suspected a life of beer drinking would lead to a debauched conclusion. It's what I'm counting on.]
"Hocus-pocus...put meat on these bones."
"Much better! Who wants to flog a bony ass?"
"I think the full moon is tomorrow night."
"Or is it tonight?"
"Hmmm, that golden chick is naked. I wish I had a better view."
"Yes, that's much better!"
"How's this?"
"Um, ....that's a really nice job you're doing. Wanna go 'Trick or Treating' with me?"
"Bite me, Fang-boy!"
"Gosh you're cute, and doing a real nice job on that pumpkin."
"Thank you."
"Thank you."
[ Rabid Racoon ]