[ Lantern lights up ]
[ Lamp post lights up ]
[ Lantern lights up.
 Grave is dug out.]
Lemax originals
Customized versions
"May I rub your foot, Miss Holly?"
"Unhand...um..unfoot me, you pervert!"
"May I rub your foot, M'Lady?"
"You better!"
[ the Killer Rabbit! ]
"Alright now, so that's your own. Got it? Now you stick your finger in hers and you stick yours in his."
"Dude, I can totally taste the difference!"
[When we bought this piece it was already broken and missing the lamp post and vase.]
">sigh< Damned things won't stay dead."
"Hey! My neck is up here!"
"So, where do you see yourself in 5 years?"