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Lemax produces resin cast figures in several styles, from Victorian Christmas figures to the creepy inhabitants of their Spookytown Village. However, even if you are a vampire or ghoul, not every place you are born into feels like home. For several discontented individuals, whose personal tastes leaned towards darker spaces than Lemax was willing to provide, the only option was relocation. After wandering in search of the perfect place, they finally congregated in a small, desolate place they called, Sunnydale .

In  Sunnydale , these creepy, and even otherwise normal folk, underwent a transformation. Their inner demons rose to the surface altering them in ways both subtle and profound. And once they achieved their desired state of self-expression, the citizens of Sunnydale pledged themselves to a common mission. They vowed to ‘Take Back Halloween’. No longer would they cutely and humorously entertain mortals as semi-creepy buffoons. This was their holiday and their town, and mortals existed  solely to serve as their entertainment……… and occasional snack. This is their story:




The Story of Sunnydale
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Sunnydale was founded in 2014, rather late for some of these late individuals, but the enthusiasm borne of finally being able to be who they truly were prompted an accelerated development of their community. 

The citizens of Sunnydale came from all aspects of the supernatural realm. No ghoulish type was prohibited. Citizens ranged from the living to the dead……to the undead, and from the demonic to the merely bizarre. All lived in harmony, with only occasional altercations, until the humans began to show up. Because, despite its sequestered location, humans, in their relentless pursuit of places unknown, always manage to stumble upon remote and scary places. It's just what they do.
And now, with everything settled, the Sunnydale residents were able to live out their unnatural lives in pure self-indulgent excess.

And while the inn employed (or enslaved) several of the captive outsiders, the ghouls seeking debauchery had little interest in them, preferring the cool, pallid flesh of their fellow women to the nauseating warm, peachiness of the humans there. And since it seemed prudent to keep the humans focused on their duties, it was unanimously decided that the captives of both genders at the inn be locked into chastity devices. After a time, the owners of those human servants were amazed at how docile and eager to please their captives had become. Intrigued by this, Greta, Hester, Maligna, and Pynklyn all locked up their humans as well. Only Victor and Leon's female companions were left unsecured.

Therefore the ‘Inn of the Chained Gargoyle’ became the premier establishment of Sunnydale. The inn offered the best in food, drink, and pursuits of a lustier nature for those so inclined. 
The remaining townsfolk cared little for anything other than a good ale or refreshing wine. Some even preferred hard spirits, since they found the other spirits in Sunnydale to be far too ephemeral for their tastes. 

Frankenstein's Monster felt pretty much the same as the zombies...... or the Incredible Hulk.....or even Greta Garbo, and just wanted to be left alone. 

Besides, in all honesty, they didn’t taste much different than rabid raccoon anyway.
The zombie residents wanted nothing more than to be able to wander about aimlessly without someone always trying to blast, stab, or bash in their rotting brains. The humans present did not even tempt their appetites. They had lost so many colleagues to humans, that they knew it was better to avoid them completely. 
Still, not every citizen of Sunnydale craved human servitude. Many had come to Sunnydale to live freely without meddling humans interfering. Lady Ravencroft preferred the willing servitude of her longtime companion Squire Nathan. And he was glad that she did not participate in the human auction, wanting his Lady, and her cold porcelain-white feet, all for himself.
The brother and sister learned a harsh lesson the night of their very first Halloween in Sunnydale. They had been allowed to “trick or treat” with the other little ones, but warned not to eat too much of the candy they got. Being kids, their willpower faltered and both siblings ended up with bellyaches…….resulting in a spanking and a very unpleasant visit to Nurse Klismania for each of them. 

This left the children. Normally even ghouls (as long as they’re not hungry) have a soft spot for children. It was quickly agreed that the children would not be put into service as slaves. Nor would they suffer some of the more adult indignities the others were subject to. Instead they would be ‘adopted’ by the collective mothers of the town. As such, they would learn the ways of the ghoul and be afforded the opportunity to eventually become one themselves. Still, children are children, and even the other ghoulish minors were subject to rules and discipline (like having their knives taken away or being sent to bed without carrion). However, since these children were human, they were treated a bit more strictly than their bizarre playmates. 
The other willing victim was bought by Pynklyn, “the Piggy-Girl” who was yearning for a sturdy human on which to practice her whipping technique. Eager and durable, he proved to be a wise purchase.
Greta’s sister, Hester, was her polar opposite. Instead of a challenge, she was intrigued by the humans who came to Sunnydale so willingly. She paid a high price for the one she fancied and has been enjoying her investment fully ever since.

Another aspiring hero was the boyfriend who had followed Leon’s tracks. He too would have been sent off for an early burial were it not for Greta the witch. Since he was so uncooperative and behaved so terribly at auction, he did not attract many bidders. But before being led away to an untimely internment, Greta cast a bid. Her intention was to capitalize on his lack of appeal, buy him cheap, break his spirit, train him, and then auction him off later at a great profit.

The father of the family, insistent on escape, became unruly and defiant, proving too stubborn and brazen to be trusted as a servant. Instead he was sentenced to be buried alive before he could cause anymore trouble. But, intrigued by the mortal, the demon succubus, Maligna, visited him on his way to the graveyard in the hopes of converting him to a less wholesome attitude. Using her charms, she felt sure she could have the hero recant his foolish ways and become a part of their hedonistic community whereupon she would gladly purchase him utterly…..body and soul.
The two brothers were purchased as errand boys and handymen, but despite their efforts found that their work never fully pleased their superiors.
 and the jealous boyfriend a waiter. Each worked under the supervision of strict and demanding supervisors. 
One set applied to ghouls, ghosts, vampires, and all other creatures of the supernatural, while another very different set applied to whatever mortals found themselves in their town. Supernatural violators of the rules were punished with banishment. Human violators were punished with more traditional methods. Once the rules went into effect, things settled back to a nice gloomy routine. The rules for ghouls were few and simple:

1: Treat one another with respect.
2: Do not prey on one another. (that’s what humans are for)
And, 3: Do not drink beer or wine out of the bottle. 

For humans things were even simpler. They had just one rule:
1: Obey.

The residents of Sunnydale now had a set of rules to live by and a nice group of humans to entertain them, but being creatures with dark appetites, jealousies sprouted quickly. Sharing the humans proved impossible. So one gloomy evening at the urging of the town’s founders, an auction was held for the humans who had stumbled in by accident, while the ladies obtained directly, by allure or by force, remained the sole property of their abductors. 

The results of the auction were as unusual as the creatures bidding. By auction’s end, the town’s bordello and tavern, being the wealthiest establishment in Sunnydale, collectively owned the most humans. The wife from the family became a barmaid,

Her heroic boyfriend followed Leon's clawed footprints all the way to Sunnydale and was also detained. And most recently, two brothers on a hiking trip were abducted as they passed through the graveyard looking for an open liquor store. The most unusual case was that of two gentlemen who became aware of Sunnydale through hearsay and research, but rather than lead a crusade against the place, humbly showed up one evening and asked to stay, offering to serve in whatever way they could.

The presence of these mortals incited the ghoulish citizens to desperate acts in their attempts to own one. After the bones literally began to pile up, the founding fathers drew up a list of community by-laws. 
The girl’s jealous boyfriend, suspecting infidelity, followed her into town and was apprehended before he could cause any trouble. Another pretty girl was simply snatched by Leon the werewolf, who realized that for someone with his physical attributes, the ‘direct approach’ might be more effective in obtaining a mate. 
A family of four on vacation drove into town looking for a place to rest, never realizing just how long they’d end up staying. One young lady was lured in by Victor, one of the more debonair vampires, to serves as his concubine and emergency blood supply. 

-------------The End