No Good Deed.

Finding a parking space anywhere near the courthouse in New Brunswick took perseverance and luck under the best of circumstances, but at three in the afternoon, such a goal proved impossible. Even the parking decks had “Full” signs blocking their entrances. Predicting this would be the case Dave had suggested the strategy of dropping his wife, Iris, at the county courthouse and then hanging out in a nearby illegal space until phoned that her business was finished. She was working on some documentation to facilitate the travel plans of some of her family from Brazil and Dave had offered to act as willing transportation.

Once dropped off with a kiss, Dave circled around until he found a spot in a semi-residential area on one of the narrow streets that connected the broad avenues. It was after three and the local schools were all emptying their students out into the city. Some shouted from convoys of buses the color of cheap mustard, while others trudged along the walkways manned by neon-vested crossing-guards to their homes. A light dusting of spent blossoms cascaded upon students uniformed or otherwise with each breeze. The dainty white and pink petals contrasted comically to the sooty urban sidewalks they speckled. Only these blossoming trees gave any indication that this concrete and metal neighborhood still occupied a world once green and natural. 

Dave noted the various interactions and smiled in recollection at the familiar teasing, bickering, and rowdiness of newly-freed kids dizzy and distracted with ‘Spring Fever’. As the exodus slowed and crowds thinned, he focused on the local street and the interactions playing out before him as if they were staged for his own voyeuristic entertainment. Much of what transpired was predictable. Younger kids ran about recklessly while older ones sat slumped over their I-phones. From his car Dave could hear exchanges in a mix of English and Spanish, but nothing unusual caught his attention. Growing a bit bored with the mundane spectacle, he began to wonder how long Iris would be. It was now 3:47 and still no call.

Across the street, some shouting disturbed his ennui. Looking over, he saw a dark-haired girl of possibly 11 or 12 laughing with some boys her same age. It appeared she had snatched something of theirs and the boys wanted it returned. They shouted for her to “give it back”, but the laughing imp just darted away from them giggling. Dave watched the scene more intently trying to figure out what was going on. As the girl scampered around the parked cars, he saw a tangle of white wire behind her back. Obviously it was a set of headphones or some charger belonging to one of the boys who, while wanting it back, seemed to enjoy chasing the girl to get it. The flirty pursuit grew more frantic until the girl absentmindedly backed right into a pair of blue recycle tubs filled with bottles, knocking them over with a crash of clinking glass. Cans and plastic containers rolled away in every direction. The accident froze the trio but prompted an older girl, who had been sitting motionless, except for a constant swirl of thumbs, to jump up and attempt to right the barrels and gather the escaping bottles. The younger girl quickly handed the wiry-thing to one of the boys as they both darted off. The pair then went about hurriedly picking up the mess, each eyeing an upper story window which then opened as if on cue, accompanied by angry yelling……all in Spanish.

Seconds later a stout matriarch was on the sidewalk in a frenzy of questions and hand-waving. Dave then watched in shock as the younger girl, who caused the mess, frantically pointed to the other girl. The exchange grew heated, in a rapid stream of Spanish, much too fast for Dave to follow. He managed to only catch an odd word here or there. Still, it became apparent even to him that the younger girl was successfully placing the blame on the older innocent one who had actually leapt to her aid. Without thinking beyond the injustice of it all, Dave impetuously left his car to cross the street to set things straight.

The trio of ladies looked at him curiously as he approached. But when he started to address the mother, the younger girl looked on in desperation as she heard him explain in a tangled mix of English, Spanish, and gesture that he had seen the whole thing and that it was the younger girl who had knocked over the bins, not the older one. The mother eyed Dave suspiciously at first, but when she began to understand what he was trying to tell her, her mood shifted to one of maternal appreciation. She nodded at him with a smile saying “claro, claro. Gracias.” 

Dave then watched with satisfaction as the mother turned angrily on the younger girl, scolding her in Spanish and indicating that she get in the house right away. The younger girl looked back at him with a look of fear and hatred. She was clearly in a lot of trouble. But once the pair was inside, the older girl surprised Dave by turning on him angrily, “what the hell are you doing?”

“I was trying to set things straight. You were getting blamed for what that other girl did and I didn’t think it was fair. Why are you upset with me? I was trying to help you.”

“It’s none of your business! That ‘other girl’ is my sister, and yes she did knock the things over, but that has nothing to do with you. It’s not like she hit your car or spilled anything on you. You should have stayed out of it!”

Before the girl could continue or Dave try to explain, the pair was interrupted by a barrage of shouting emanating from the window that the mother had originally appeared in. The guilty daughter could now be heard plaintively pleading with her mother, saying, “no Mama, no.” The pleas turned to whines until a sharp clap could be heard immediately followed by many more in succession. The girl now squealed in a high-pitched, ‘aiee’ after each flurry. There was no doubt to anyone within earshot of what was going on upstairs. Dave certainly recognized the sound. The little brat was getting a darned good spanking….and judging from the crisp tone of the slaps, she was getting in all on her bare little hinder. And, unless that Latina mom possessed a palm of unparalleled rigidity, the loudness of those impacts also suggested a paddle or hairbrush was being used.....with vigor.

“See? That could have been you,” Dave defended to the irate sibling.

But the girl snapped back viciously, “no, you jerk. It wouldn’t have. Our mother is very strict, but she wouldn’t have spanked me because she thinks I’m too old for that, and she wouldn’t have even spanked my sister either. Not for this. Yes, she was upset about the mess, but we cleaned it up. She would have just yelled at us or not let us watch TV for the evening at the very worst. The only reason my sister is getting spanked is because she got caught lying about who did it......because of you!”

“But she shouldn’t have blamed you then,” Dave rationalized.

With a roll of the eyes, the irate sister continued, “and what do you know about it? I’m only telling you this to show what an ass you are, because it’s really none of your business, but a week ago I didn’t do something important my mother wanted me to do, and I was probably going to be grounded for it…..and I had a date planned. So my sister, who was the one who gave me the message from my mother, told her she forgot to tell me. She saved me from a grounding and got grounded herself. So I told her the next time she got in any kind of trouble she could say I did it. And that’s what she did today. Everything would have worked out fine if you hadn’t butted in!”

Dave swallowed in recognition of his error. “Damn, I didn’t realize. I’m really sorry. I thought I was helping.”

“You hear all that?” the girl pointed at the window. “Does that sound like you helped anyone? Mama spanks hard, she doesn’t mess around. But what do you know about it? You’ve probably never been spanked in your life and think this is funny.”

“Actually you’re wrong on both counts,” Dave assured sincerely. But before he could explain, the cell phone in his pocket went off with Iris’ distinctive ringtone. “Excuse me,” he apologized and answered. “Hi honey, so you’re all done?..........Ok, I’ll come get you, but something happened while I was waiting for you…………No, I wasn’t in an accident. I’m fine. But I have a young lady here that can explain it better than I can. Just listen to her and then I’ll come get you.” Dave then looked directly into the girl’s dark and angry eyes and said, “this is my wife, Iris. I want to try to make things right and so I want you to tell her what happened. She speaks Spanish if you want.” He then handed the phone to the wide-eyed sister.

Dave listened intently. But while the conversation began slowly and uncertainly, it soon developed into a rapid dialog that had him again only catching a word or phrase here and there. However, given the change in facial expression and tone, he easily surmised the gist of what was transpiring. In a few moments the girl’s expression shifted from anger to surprise, and finally to amused satisfaction. With a big grin she handed him the phone. Dave then checked in with Iris.

“Did you get all that?” he asked.

“Sounds like you had an interesting wait,” Iris remarked sarcastically. “Come get me. We’ll discuss this on the way home.”

As he hung up Dave sheepishly turned to the girl who was now all smiles. “Did you get to tell my wife everything you wanted to?”

The girl grinned, “yeah, I did and she told me a few things too. As bad as my sister got it, I think you’re in for a lot worse.”

“I believe you,” Dave admitted. “But I have to go now. Tell your sister I’m sorry.”

“Believe me, I’m gonna tell her way more than that!” the brunette threatened.


On the ride home Iris listened to her husband’s explanation of what happened. Dave’s meddling, though meant to be helpful, was not necessary and she therefore agreed with the older sister that he should have minded his own business. And regardless of intent, if the younger girl got a spanking for this whole mess, he should get one as well.

“So I guess I’m in trouble?” Dave probed.

Iris frowned at the comment thoughtfully. “I don’t know if I’d say you were in trouble. I’m not mad at you because it’s obvious you didn’t mean anything bad by what you did. But you are still going to get spanked.”

“Because I butted in?”

Iris laughed, “no, silly, because you handed your phone to that girl.”

“What do you mean?”

“You could have just apologized to the girl and come to get me. It’s what I would have done. But instead, you gave her your phone so she could tell me all about what you did. Why would you do that unless you wanted me to punish you for it? And when I told that kid I was going to spank you, she didn’t believe me at first……so I promised her that I would make sure you would get far worse than anything her sister had gotten. That seemed to make her very happy. Which I must say, I find very interesting because, nothing really bad happened to her at all. Her sister was the one who got punished and honey, I don’t care how much you love your sister…..if your little sister ends up spanked, there is a part of you that is secretly grinning….no matter how fair or unfair it is. So it’s kind of funny that she was so eager to see you spanked too. So the way I see it,” Iris recapped on her fingers, ” a.) you wanted her to convince me to spank you, and she did…and a promise is a promise, b.) once she discovered I was more than willing to spank you, she sounded very pleased, which as I said I find very funny, and c.) I myself find this situation so amusing that I simply love the idea that you’ll be spanked for it. So…….you are going to get it as soon as we get home, and mister, you’re going to get it good!”

“I suppose you are right. But, you know, when I first heard that girl’s cries after each smack, I didn’t feel bad at all. I thought she was getting exactly what she deserved, and as someone who gets spanked, I understand the need for discipline. I only felt bad after her sister explained their arrangement and that if it wasn’t for me, she would not have gotten spanked for the accident at all. The girl even accused me of not knowing how a spanking felt and that I probably thought it was funny. It was right about then that you called and it gave me the idea to give her the phone. You are right about my intention when I did it. I figured once you heard what happened that I’d end up spanked, but felt that I deserved to be way more than the girl who got it. I really feel bad for her. ”

“Don’t feel bad, honey. The girl got what she deserved,” Iris reassured him calmly.

“Why do you say that?”

“You said she would not have gotten spanked for the bins, but got spanked because she lied about who did it, right?” Iris quizzed.


“Well, she did lie about who did it. So she deserved that spanking. And regardless of what arrangement she had with her sister, she lied to her mother to cover up her sister’s behavior in the past and lied again today. I hope her mother really roasted her little butt,” Iris explained with a bit of sympathetic annoyance as if she had been the one lied to. Then after a pause, her scowl relaxed into a look of blanket acceptance as she added, “and besides, she is obviously one of those people who get spanked.”

“What do you mean by that?” Dave blinked in confusion.

“I mean that some people get spanked while others don’t. Her sister doesn’t get spanked. Neither does her mother…..or me. But that girl does, just like you do. And people who get spanked probably should be. They need to be. And as long as it’s not abusive or cruel, it doesn’t even matter if it’s not totally fair. It’s still good for them. That’s probably the real reason both you and that girl are both going to end up with sore behinds today. It’s your mutual fate, your destiny.”

“Wow, so you really think the girl deserved it, huh? Hmmmm.”

“Oh, she deserved it, but even if she didn’t, I’d still find it amusing……just like her sister finds it funny that I’m going to spank you. Honey, you should realize by now that people who aren’t spanked…..and especially those who do the spanking, find the fact that others are spanked to be very humorous. Like I said, despite that older sister’s apparent outrage at her sister’s punishment, I can assure you that deep down she was smirking at every smack. Tonight she’ll probably tell her sister how sorry she is that she suffered such an unfair fate, but she’ll be fighting back a snicker every time she sees her sister wince when she sits. It’s just human nature, dear. But don’t think we spankers don’t love and respect you spankees, we do. Life would be a terrible misery and bore if people like you and that girl didn’t exist. I thank my lucky stars I have you.”

“Awwww,” Dave gushed as he pulled the car to the curb in front of their home, “that was sweet. But you know, you just did a really good job of convincing me that the girl I ratted on deserved what she got. In light of that I think that I probably shouldn’t have given her sister my phone.”

Iris laughed, “oh it’s way too late to change your mind now, mister. My mind’s made up. You have one doozy of a butt-warming coming, so get that cute culito inside so I can paddle it raw!”

“Yes, ma’am,” Dave blushed, grateful that he had someone like Iris for a wife. She was right. People like him did need to be spanked regularly. And even if those in his position didn’t find that as amusing as the ones doing the paddling, they certainly understood why their disciplinarians would feel the way they do. As Dave walked towards the door, he wondered if he’d end up squealing as desperately as that girl in New Brunswick, and in thinking he probably would, felt a sudden kinship with the kid. After all, their independent actions today entwined to result in an unanticipated yet solid spanking for each of them. 

Neither could have predicted that their simple actions would lead where they did. And despite the differences in their age, gender, and ethnicity, the mere fact that each could find themselves upended over an authoritative lap, bound the two more closely than most criteria ever could. It was a thought that would stay with him right up until Iris’ paddle made contact with his waiting bottom. After that, his thinking would revert to more primitive reactions, as complex thoughts of role and compatibility were replaced with involuntary kicking and yelping, no different than anyone being spanked, and all to the delight of the person in charge.



Mirabel Fuentes sat on her bed wondering how to tell her sister, Gabriela, the news. The punished kid could still be heard sniffling across the hall and might not handle it well. But just like that meddling guy from this afternoon whose good intentions backfired on her sister, she too had just tried to help………. only to have it backfire on the girl as well. Sometimes things simply don’t go the way you think. 

Earlier that day, when Mirabel had trotted up the stairs to tell Gabriela about what was going to happen to the guy who tattled on her, she was all smiles, hoping her story of his promised fate might take some of the sting out of her sister’s misfortune. But when she saw Gabriela sobbing in the corner with her pants and panties bunched at her ankles her mouth went agape at the condition of the poor girl’s posterior. Mirabel knew her mother was a strict spanker, but she must have been really angry to have smacked such deep color into those trembling cheeks. Gabriela always had a curvy bottom, even curvier than her own more mature one, but now those ample young cheeks resembled over-ripe and bruised tomatoes. Mirabel often jealously wished she possessed her sister’s prettier butt, but she didn’t wish for it now. Not in that condition.

Without thinking, Mirabel stormed into her mother’s room and accused her of being too harsh. It was a risky accusation, yet surprisingly, her mother did not argue back. She only sighed and explained that she had been very angry that some stranger had to tell her that her own child was falsely accusing someone innocent. False accusations were terrible sins. Mirabel could see in the strained face that her mother seemed to regret the severity of her punishment. She also seemed………weary. It was as if the beleaguered matriarch was trapped in a dilemma of strictness and mercy. Mirabel’s indignation dissipated at the sight of her sincerely fatigued mother and she turned to leave, only to have her mother call her back. What happened then truly shocked the teen.

Mrs. Fuentes then informed her eldest daughter that while she had no intention of running a lenient household, she now realized her moods and frustrations could result in punishments that were sometimes too rigid. She decided that in the future, Mirabel, now being almost 18, would be the one to administer all of Gabriela‘s spankings. Mrs. Fuentes felt it would be better for Gabriela while also teaching Mirabel how to effectively mete out discipline once she had a family of her own. Mirabel’s mouth instinctively began to form the beginnings of a protest at the suggestion, but something deep within her suddenly silenced the response. She merely agreed quietly and left to fully consider what had just transpired before objecting. Rather than turn down this opportunity, perhaps she should consider all of the possibilities it afforded. 

Now, hours later, in her own room, Mirabel knew she would not refuse her mother’s offer and contemplated how to approach her sister. Hopefully Gabriela would not resent this new development. After all, she didn’t ask to become Gabriela’s disciplinarian, she was only trying to help……just like that guy this afternoon. In her head she rationalized all of the positives for the girl in an effort to sound convincing. It’s not like this would be a completely bad thing. The only problem was that Mirabel could not figure out how to disguise her own personal delight at the prospect of spanking her kid sister. The irony was just too funny, though Mirabel figured her sister would not see the humor as easily as she could. That made sense for Gabriela. But how could Mirabel not find it funny? In trying to protest Gabriela’s fate, she had now become the new instrument of it. Regretting her own strictness, her mother had transferred a portion of her authority onto her precisely because she expressed sympathy for her sister, but now armed with this sanctioned power, Mirabel somehow no longer felt sympathetic. Instead, she was eagerly looking forward to her new duties.

Mirabel pictured Gabriela over her lap with those perfect cheeks of hers begging for a taste of the hairbrush. Spanking that helpless bottom wouldn’t be difficult at all. It would actually be fun. Thoughtfully, the girl stood and turned her back on her mirror thinking of behinds in general. Looking over her shoulder she had to admit her own butt wasn’t so bad. The denim-encased globes sloped with a plump fullness that was not at all unattractive. True, Gabriela’s young buns had a higher, fuller roundness, but right now all of that extra plump expanse only served to provide more place to sting. Mirabel considered it an acceptable trade-off. Let Gabriela have that lush booty. At least her own would remain perpetually smooth, pale, and cool while her sister’s could easily end up as hot and sore as it was now…..something she herself could personally make sure of.  

The only hitch was that, unlike her mother, Mirabel had never spanked anyone before and naturally wondered if she could do it properly. Contemplating the act itself, Mirabel grinned figuring that she could be just as effective with a hairbrush as her mother……maybe more so. How hard could it be? All you have to do is swing your arm and flick your wrist. The hairbrush does the rest. What could be simpler? It was Gabriela who had the hard part. But, that’s what it means to be spanked. Somebody has to be on the receiving end. And if the girl did end up across her lap, she’d only be there because she deserved to be. At that point it would be her duty as ‘big sister’ to administer a proper punishment. She certainly couldn’t go easy and be taken seriously. That’s one thing she’d have to make clear from the start. If Gabriela thought that having her do the spanking in place of her mother would mean an easier time of it, Mirabel would have to assure her sister that such an expectation wouldn’t be fair for either of them. For this new arrangement to work, both of them needed to take their parts seriously. There would be no going easy.

Mirabel now began to rethink everything from a new perspective….a disciplinarian’s perspective. She recalled how the sight of Gabriela‘s flaming buns had upset her earlier, but now she wondered if perhaps she over-reacted. It’s not like the girl suffered any real injury. She just got a good spanking for lying. Nothing wrong with that. She had to be taught a lesson. Isn’t that what a good disciplinarian does? It was unfortunate her own bargain led to her sister’s punishment, but in retrospect, Mirabel realized that their agreement was based on deceit. Her mother wasn’t wrong to correct that. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

The more Mirabel pondered her new role, the more she wondered if her mother was aware of all the benefits this new arrangement would bring. Naturally, it would take some of the burden off of the busy woman, but did she realize all of the things that she as a sister had access to that could help keep a closer eye on Gabriela? Mirabel knew her friends and constantly read her social media updates. Her mother never looked at any of that. No, as a disciplinary assistant to her mother, Mirabel brought a lot to the equation that hadn’t been utilized before. While Mrs. Fuentes had always been a vigilant parent, Mirabel’s access to so many aspects of Gabriela’s life placed the girl under near-constant surveillance. If she did anything wrong, Mirabel would know, and rather than cover for her sister as she had in the past, it would now be her obligation to help keep the girl on the right path.

She could now truly be so instrumental in helping raise her sister, a real help to her mother. Not that Mirabel wouldn’t benefit as well. It would be dishonest to claim otherwise. No, she would definitely enjoy her role and the perks that came with it. Sometimes her sister could really get on her nerves and there wasn’t much she could do about it. Now, giving her a good spanking could really clear the air quickly and bring them closer. Mirabel couldn’t imagine holding a grudge or sulking after some stupid fight once she had dealt with the issue via hairbrush. There were so many times in the past that she literally wanted to kill her little sister, yet now she couldn’t imagine those feelings lasting past a hundred or so spanks. And after that? Why, all she’d probably want to do is give her teary sibling a big, forgiving hug and kiss. Heck, that alone was worth the added trouble of having to take the little brat across her lap. 

Trouble. Mirabel thought about that now as well. Whenever her mother spanked Gabriela, there was always a struggle…..just like today. Her mother would have to use brute force to subdue Gabriela’s resistance. No wonder the poor woman was weary. Mirabel realized that Gabriela’s attitude would have to change. As sisters, Mirabel expected Gabriela to be a partner in their new arrangement, not a captive. This wasn’t to be a one-sided deal. Each of them had a responsibility to the other. If a spanking was called for, then it was up to Mirabel to make it a good one, and it was up to Gabriela to comply. No running and chasing. Gabriela needed to accept her punishment maturely and responsibly. Granted, Mirabel realized that the girl might not be able to resist wriggling and kicking a bit. That’s to be expected. But she had better not think of trying to get off her lap until told to. That would be a good lesson for Gabriela as well: self-control and accountability. Learning to take her punishment like a young lady and not a wild animal would be good for her character, and it would certainly make punishments less stressful. Who needed all of that drama anyway?

Mirabel was now certain that this would be so good for everyone. Sure it would probably mean a lot more spankings than her sister had been used to, but they would all be for the benefit of the household. That realization swept away any regret or hesitation in relating the news to Gabriela. And aside from some understandable concern over the spankings themselves, how could the girl not be happy about all this? She didn’t even plan to tell her about what was going to happen to that guy from before. Given this significant development, that tidbit seemed hardly important. Their new and deeper relationship overshadowed such trivial revenge. And so, now feeling quite comfortable in her newly-appointed role, Mirabel cheerfully trotted over to her sister’s room to give her the good news. 

----the end