Actions have consequences and a mature person accepts responsibility for them. Ally had always demonstrated a maturity that exceeded her years. The current, unfortunate situation she was faced with provided one more opportunity for her to take ownership for what she had done and ensure that the proper consequences ensued. Being mature did not automatically mean Ally was perfect. She forgot things and sometimes overlooked little details in her haste to prepare for work or school, or even just going out for fun. And, being in college and living at home meant adhering to certain rules that she herself did not see as terribly important. 

Her mother, Sofia, had often told her, “when you are in your own home, you can do as you please, but while you’re living here, you will follow the rules of this house.” That line often grated on her, partially because she didn’t like to be told what to do, and partially because she knew that one day, in her own home, she would probably feel the same way with her own family. It was annoying when adults were right.

One household rule was that her closet door was to be kept closed, since her closet was not in her room but across from it and could be seen by anyone walking past. It was a simple thing, and one she simultaneously saw as both reasonable and frivolous. If she was doing well at school, and completing her chores, and being respectful, how comparatively crucial was it that some stupid door was always kept closed? But the rule remained in effect regardless of whether she saw it as important or not, and because she was privileged to enjoy a lot of freedom and leeway with most things, she didn’t complain about the few quirks that dotted the overall package. Besides, her mother’s recognition of her general level of responsibility and trustworthiness had resulted in some unique benefits for her as well. Consequently, Ally was resolved to go along with the things she herself did not see as important. If they were important to her mother, she would take them seriously as well.

Leaving the closet door open was the only rule affecting Ally whose punishment seemed disproportionate to the crime. Each offence meant a serious spanking, in increasing amounts and severity with every recurrence. The first time the amount was only 50 smacks, the second time meant 100. But despite the worsening consequences and even when confronted, she sincerely could never recall not closing that stupid door. Today she was looking at a proscribed punishment of a scary 400 paddle-spanks. Thank goodness she herself did not need to take them. She had a proxy, sanctioned by her mother, for that. All Ally had to do when confronted with a repeat offence, was sign a “Discipline Slip” acknowledging her guilt and the subsequent punishment her proxy would receive in her place.

As strange as having a punishment proxy was, what made the arrangement even more strange was who the proxy was: her mother’s partner and Ally’s de facto step-father, Frank. Frank and her mother lived a genuine ‘alternate lifestyle’, wherein Frank was subservient to her mother. He also was obliged to follow an even longer and more specific set of rules than she or her brother’s did. And if those rules were broken, Frank would end up spanked like a naughty child right across her mom’s lap. It was actually kind of funny, especially considering that Frank was substantially older than her mother. 

Over the years, Ally learned that such a lifestyle had definite benefits for everyone, even Frank himself. And while one might think such an arrangement would result in a total elimination of any credibility or respect for the submissive partner, the reality proved it just wasn’t so. Frank was a good step-father in every sense of the word. He had earned the love and respect of her and her brothers. In every other way, he was just like any good dad. The only difference was his subservience to their mother. It was a point of departure she never took advantage of. And even Ally knew that whenever her mom punished Frank, he always deserved it.

Despite her affection for Frank, Ally did not feel an undue amount of sympathy for him. To her, this was merely his plight….the way things were. It was not her idea. And the arrangement was not without its benefits for them both. Of course Ally benefitted in the more practical sense, but Frank did not complain about being her proxy and taking her punishments always seemed to strengthen their bond. Sometimes she wondered what he felt when he came upon the open door and knew he was obliged to report it. Often, he’d text her to let her know she ‘did it again’, but the texts were never angry or accusatory. Instead they indicated a self-deprecating humor at the situation. Still, once a slip was signed and sitting on her Mom’s dresser, she wondered if Frank’s casual demeanor wavered in anticipation of the inevitable punishment.

Ally knew from past instances, that despite the proxy aspect, her mother always delivered the punishment as if Frank himself had actually broken the rule. She did not go easy on him because of his innocence. He was a true proxy, getting exactly what her mother felt was deserved. In that regard, Ally felt grateful for this willing exchange. She certainly had no desire to have her pert little bottom experience her mother's paddle.

There was another understanding with regard to Discipline Slip spankings that made the strange arrangement even more interesting: while it was typically her mother who administered the punishments, that role was not limited to her. Another one of the nice perks bestowed on Ally was the ability to administer punishments herself as long as her mother approved (which she always did). When considering the frightful amount due, the smirking girl could not help but feel it the perfect irony to be the one to give this particular punishment herself. Since she was the guilty party, and since she felt an obligation for the consequences to be accepted, Ally confidently decided that she would make sure her proxy really felt every one. After all, while punishment might not be pleasant, it was the responsible thing to do. So, after signing the slip Frank had left for her, Ally wrote in her intention to be the disciplinarian for this punishment and placed the slip conspicuously on her mother’s dresser to be approved. Frank would have to pass that slip multiple times knowing what it said. As expected the slip was signed almost immediately by her mother and Frank returned it to Ally fully sanctioned.

Ally loved the blush on Frank’s face as he handed her the approved formal declaration of punishment. “So, any surprises?” she asked.

“No. Of course Sofia approved the slip. Does she ever not?”


“She did say though,” Frank added, “that this forgetfulness has to stop. She’s not happy this is the fourth offence.”

“What about you?”

“Well, I’m not happy about it either, of course.”

“Are you saying that as my step-dad…………or my proxy?” Frank merely blushed deeply at the question. The reaction pleased Ally who grinned at the flushed face. “I’ll take that as a mixed reaction then.”

“You know I don’t like you leaving the door open,” Frank explained evasively.

“I know. But you don’t mind being my proxy, do you?” Ally asked teasingly.

‘You know I don’t,” Frank admitted quietly with bowed head.

“Hmmmm, well you might mind this time. Fourth offence, ya know. Mom’s not happy about it. You aren’t either. I guess we can’t be lenient on this one, huh? It’s going to have to be a real scorcher if I’m ever going to learn to remember." Frank gulped uneasily, and only nodded affirmatively without speaking. “Shall we do it tonight when Mom gets home then? No sense dragging this out.”

That evening, Ally went to her mother and relayed her desire to execute the punishment whenever her mother was ready. Sofia nodded in agreement and summoned Frank informing him of what was about to transpire. Ally savored the moment as Frank trudged off with a blushing face to get ready for the punishment she earned and would soon administer. Punishments from her required a different preparation than those her mother dealt with. With her mother, all Frank had to do was strip, procure the appropriate implement and get into position. Naturally such exposure would be a bit unseemly with Ally, so Frank had a special “punishment outfit” for these times. It was simplicity itself: a pair of jeans with the back seat cheeks cut out leaving only the sturdy seam up the middle, looking very much like a pair of homemade denim chaps. In addition, he also wore a pair of pouch panties underneath; feminine-looking panties with an accommodating pouch in the front to keep ‘things’ contained. The styles he owned were of different colors and styles but all possessed one common trait. They all were cut very high in back. Once dressed for punishment, Frank presented a relatively bared and accessible target for Ally’s nasty slapper-paddle without revealing much of anything other than some lower cheek. Overall there was nothing on view that couldn’t be seen on just about any woman on a beach. Thus attired, Frank presented himself for Ally’s punishment, vulnerable….but not entirely immodest.

Positioning for the discipline was also determined by both practicality and age-appropriateness. Ally’s petite stature also necessitated accommodation. The result found frank on all fours with Ally standing alongside his right hip. She would then use forceful, downward strokes with a rubber slapper on the offered bottom. The position not only provided a bit of distance that a lap-to-lap spanking would not, but gave Ally the ability to swing hard so that the flexible slapper’s biting end nearly always found its way to the under-curve where Frank’s buttock meshed with thigh. It was a tender spot, highly susceptible to punishment. 

Frank got down on his knees on the carpet in his room just by the foot of the bed, and waited. Ally’s mother was already present, reclining on that very bed, browsing through her I-phone. Being punished with a witness added a bit more embarrassment to a situation that was already pretty embarrassing. Ally entered the room and announced she was ready. Frank responded that he was as well, and with that proclamation Ally began.

The slapper stung from the very start. No one in their household believed in warm-ups for punishments so Ally swung hard from beginning to end. The reaction from Frank followed a pattern. He always struggled and reacted vocally in the beginning, but after a while he sort of fell into a more resolved state of acceptance. He would still grunt or make some sort of reactionary noise if a particular swat caught him especially hard or in a more tender location, but the reactions were not nearly as frenetic as his earlier ones. During the course of a moderate punishment Frank would react in this manner right up to the last slap, but during a lengthier punishment, like this one, the increasing soreness in his bottom would erode Frank’s stoicism. As the spanking pushed him beyond the tolerable plateau, his vocal reactions would change from reactive grunts to these whiny moans. It was at this point that Ally knew her swats were fanning a growing fire of rawness. She liked when she knew Frank was no longer in his relative comfort zone and therefore never went any easier once this point of increasing soreness had been reached.

At one point Sofia asked, “how many more to go?”

“63,” Ally responded. “Why, Mom, do you want me to stop?”

“No, dear. There’s no getting off easy on a fourth offence. In fact, the reason I asked is that I want you to go extra hard on the last 50.”
“Yes, mom,” Ally consented. “You heard what my Mom said, right Frank?” she asked her victim who could only nod breathlessly in assent. With an evil grin of determination, Ally swung the slapper downward with all of her strength. The impact fairly hoisted the target cheek upward temporarily until gravity pulled it back down. Frank merely whined in defeat. By the time the last swat slapped into Frank’s swollen seat, he was whimpering shamelessly like a beaten puppy. “All done,” Ally announced. 

Frank slowly rose to his knees and exchanged a forgiving hug with his disciplinarian. “It’s OK, Frank, you did real good and we’re all finished now,” she said.

From her enthroned vantage point on the bed, Sofia instructed Frank to remain attired as he was. “You can stay like that for the rest of the evening, Frank. Not only will those cut-out pants let that bottom cool off, but I want those blazing cheeks to serve as a reminder to this young lady here, what her absentmindedness results in.”

Frank excused himself leaving the pair of women alone. Though the mood was still somewhat serious, neither could not hide a smirk as Frank’s red buttocks sauntered out the door. Sofia looked suspiciously at her daughter. “Fourth offence. You’re killing poor old Frank.”

“Look, I’m sorry about the door. I try to remember to close it all of the time, but my mind is on a lot of other things to be honest.”

“I know, honey, and I’m very proud of how well you are doing at school. I was just wondering if maybe a girl as brilliant as you might be forgetting on purpose?”

“Mom, really! Would I do that?” Ally replied in mock outrage then snickered. ”Actually, I didn’t. The truth is I really have tried to keep that stupid thing closed. And this wasn’t my idea, you know. You came up with this proxy thing with Frank,” Ally added with a pout.

Sofia laughed at the indignation so easily roused. “Calm down, I believe you. And ‘yes’, this was our idea. There’s a definite benefit to it that I really like. And I think you like it too?”

Ally smiled with twisted lips and rocked her shoulders in mock coyness. “It doesn’t suck. Except maybe for Frank?”

Sofia gestured Ally to her and embraced her. “Nevermind about Frank. He did agree to this as well. And….in my opinion? It does him good. And you, young lady, have developed into quite the disciplinarian. I have no worries over how your future domestic life will go. I think you’ll keep any man in line……………..or heaven help his butt!”


Inside Ally’s new bedroom Frank and Sofia were remarking to Ally about how responsible she had become with her closet since their move. It was like having a new room was all it took for her to be more mindful. There hadn’t been a single instance of an open doorway in the eight months since their relocation.

“I do miss your proxy spankings, though,” her mother grinned. “I would even bet Frank here does too. Don’t you Frank?” 

The cornered male tried to answer but no words came forth. The reaction prompted Ally to smile. “Is that true, Frank? Is Mom right about that? Do you miss me spanking you?”

Blushing, Frank found enough courage to admit he did. The confession triggered bemused approval from the two ladies. Sofia declared, “I guess we will just have to find a new bad habit for Ally to work on then.” Frank knew the suggestion was more than just a tease and wondered what new rule would replace their old closet door mandate.

But Ally, now nearly finished with college replied, “oh, Mom, do we really need to resort to some silly rule?”

“No, Dear, I suppose not. From here on out, Frank, you need not worry about being Ally’s proxy anymore.” The reprieved man smiled with only a hint of disappointment, as he heard his wife continue. “No, I think we can dispense with proxy spankings. Ally is all grown up and doesn’t need a proxy anymore. Don’t you agree?”

Frank nodded. “She has been the picture of responsibility. So no, she certainly doesn’t.”

“I agree. However…………………” Sofia continued. “As a responsible adult, instead of another rule to follow, Ally will now have full authority to deal with any of your shenanigans directly. So Frank, you had better behave because you will now have two women watching over you instead of just one! And just to make it official, since it’s been a while since you got a good roasting…………..why not change into your special jeans so Ally can give you a taste of what you can expect if you misbehave?”

Ally just twisted in place with barely-contained glee. It was great to finally be considered a grown-up………….as long as you weren’t a submissive one. 


Meanwhile, back in the old house, newlywed, Sara Gresham voiced her frustration.

 “Honey!” Sara called out in the ‘come fix this’ voice her husband had all-too-quickly learned to recognize. “That stupid closet downstairs is open again. Could you take a look at it?”

Hank Gresham shook his head as he rose from the Packers’ game to check out this new domestic problem. He didn’t mind fixing things for his young wife, but he had been enjoying the game and he had advised against buying an old house like this one, advocating a new one instead. Still, this one was cheaper and it wasn’t in terrible shape. He trudged over to the offending closet and shook his head while laughing to himself. Rounding up an 18V battery from its charger and clicking it into the base of his reliable screw-gun, he passed Sara on his way back to the troublesome door.

“Did you take a look at it?” she asked.

“Uh huh. Whatever genius installed that door put the knob on right but reversed the catch.”
Sara just looked at him quizzically, prompting him to explain. “The catch is angled so that you can close a door without turning the knob and it stays closed. This one is reversed so that you have to turn the knob to close the door and it will stay closed……barely…….until something pushes too hard against it, or some vibration from the street makes it pop open. I’m surprised the previous owners never noticed it.”

Hank went to work thinking that since the template for the catch was slightly off-center, he’d probably have to tap two new pilot holes for the screws. But when he removed the plate he saw two existing holes exactly where he would need to drill the new ones. The catch had obviously been installed correctly at one time and had intentionally been reversed. Hank scratched his head at the folly and wondered: ‘who would someone do something like that, and for what possible reason?’

--------------------------------------the end