A nervous husband enters his shower stall after brazenly leaving a small wooden paddle in the middle of the bed. It's a secret signal between the husband and his wife, one he hopes will be noticed and welcomed. Throughout the shower he wonders if, when, and how he may end up spanked that day. Once he leaves out that paddle he has somewhat irrevocably asked for and consented to a spanking but the particulars are always up to his wife's discretion and whim. He opens the shower door to find his wife waiting with a sly smile. "I've heard it's twice as bad when you're wet." she tells him as she pats the paddle against her upturned palm.

A well-intentioned exercise instructor sits conflicted and confused after an ugly argument with a long time friend who had cheerfully started the ill-fated conversation. She began by telling the exercise instructor that her secret fantasies had finally come true with a new boyfriend, happy and eager to be sharing the thrilling news with someone she felt she could trust. The instructor however, could not relate to her friend's joy. There was spanking involved. A lot of it. It sounded weird. Spanking is hitting and hitting is bad. Her friend responded by assuring her it was consentual and fun. The instructor said it was abusive and demeaning to women. She was trying to be helpful. She suggested a Hotline number. The friend strode out with hot tears in her eyes.

In a modest suburban home, a lonely high school senior is told by her parents that they are going to a movie. As the door closes behind them the girl rushes to her room and slips her hand between the mattress and boxspring fumbling for the paddle she has hidden there. After stripping naked she stares at her bare bottom in her vanity mirror. She likes her bottom, but prefers it red. The desperate girl spanks herself in front of her vanity mirror. It is a long spanking. Her arm tires a few times and she rests it before spanking herself again and again. She is not gentle with herself and passionately increases the force of her smacks as they begin to feel more and more satisfying. The once pale, pert buttocks are now  twin orbs of hot, swollen flesh as she flops onto her bed feeling almost drunk. A practiced hand massages her wet cleft as she wonders if she'll ever find someone special who will do this to her.

A young shy man has begun serving as a houseboy to a mature Mistress. Despite being profoundly submissive, he is not a masochist, although he is willing to be spanked if his Mistress feels it necessary. Their arrangement is simple. When scheduled, he shows up at her apartment, strips, and performs whatever chores she assigns. On his last visit she made him clean her kitchen prior to being permitted to perform some servicesof a more intimate nature. Eager to engage in the latter services, he rushed the cleaning and left grease spots on the stove which she quickly discovered. Consequently he was spanked for his negligence. It hurt more than he imagined. Next time he vows to be much more careful and diligent in his duties.

A graduate student from N.Y.U. finishes reading a story about a young girl who is spanked for lying to her father. Squeezing her thighs against each other, she feels the dampness trapped in her panties. At the same time, three States away, a freckled eleven-year-old crouches in her bedroom corner trembling as she hears her conservative father's angry footsteps on the stairs. The only dampness on her is where her tears have fallen.

After chatting online, a female Top and a male bottom agree to meet in person to discuss things over coffee. Despite feeling mutually attracted they discover one incompatibility amid numerous common interests. She likes to have  real or imagined transgressions to justify her spankings while he prefers to be a flawlessly obedient pamperer who is spanked afterwards as a reward. Desperate for some real life play with a relatively sane and attractive partner, they decide to go to her home where he agrees to go along with one of her concocted offenses. The resulting spanking takes place without incident. She is skillful and he is compliant. She loves the way he reacts and colors and is eager to play again. She is hurt and confused when he doesn't respond to her e-mails or phone calls.

A closely-knit group of men and women of various ages and backgrounds meet regularly at one person's home to relax and indulge in various spanking games and scenarios. There is no sex. Most aren't in permanent relationships with the other members. Their group has a name. They pay dues and get e-mail announcements for upcoming events. Once a month they meet at a local steakhouse for dinner. At Christmas they send cards. Next week some of the members are going to help one of the ladies move to a new apartment. There has been talk of a play party after the boxes are unpacked.

Somewhere on the East Coast a naked woman is standing in a corner with her hands on her head. Her mind is wandering. Feeling the sting and tingle in her bottom, she wonders how she'll be able to sit at her business conference tomorrow but grins at the thought of trying. She recalls how only one day earlier she had handed her husband a handwritten confession explaining her lifelong affinity for spanking. Somewhere on the West Coast a young wife sits distraught and weeping. She is holding a letter very similar to the one delivered on the East Coast. It is from her husband. She trys to decide whether to call her mother, a Marriage Counsellor, or a lawyer.

A  strict conservative Christian man living in the Bible Belt regularly spanks his wife because the Bible says that in order to be a good husband he should. His contented wife goes along with this arrangement because she likes it a lot and conveniently her God apparently does also.

A young woman has fantasized about being a spanked housewife all of her life. Not for foreplay, but for accountability. She always got a knot in her belly when Ricky spanked Lucy. She suggested such an arrangement to her husband who was surprised but willing to indulge his wife's slight eccentricity. Afterall, it wasn't burdensome to smack her cute bottom now and then. It was even kind of fun and sexy. They obviously love each other very much. Too much for him to spank her very hard and too much for her to leave him for not spanking her hard enough.

This afternoon I will be visiting my girlfriend. Even though we switch roles, today she will be in charge. She says that spanking me relieves her stress. It relieves mine as well. Despite being a novice, her spankings are crisp and authoritative. Afterwards I'll cook for her, naked and with my reddened buns on display. She will playfully grap and smack them as I work revelling in her handiwork and authority. She is much younger than I am. It adds yet another edge. A nontraditional twist. Perhaps later in the evening I'll show her this story.

--------------------------------------------------the end----------------------------------------------------------------